Thursday, September 10, 2020

My Instagram Update - Slowly getting back to my old self

I posted this update over on my instagram @angelsimig.
I thought I'd copy it here as well as it's a big topic right now for me to address.
I’ve been getting countless messages regarding my ig page so I thought I’ll address it at once.
I have gone back and forth from debating removing all the posts (which I did for a bit) to fully getting off Instagram.
I haven't posted pictures and videos in a bit.

After much thinking, as much as I have loved the love from my posts. I am finally becoming the girl I use to be... I have my old thoughts and beliefs starting to come back. One of which is also my shyness, which I adored.

The me everyone has gotten to know off ig wasn’t the me I was fully in love with. It was the me that someone turned me into to be.

I was always a goody two shoes in ways but the outer image someone forced me to be for so long was looking like I wasn’t the good girl that I was and have been.

Something that bothered me for quite some time.

That stuck with me a good bit of time, the need to keep that image up.

To “shut the fuck up and listen, and to not be “disobedient”. As when I didn’t listen my disobedience was “off putting”.

Behind all the smiles was a lot of hidden pain.

That was never me if you knew the me from a few years ago.

This is the girl who use to wear clothing that no skin showed at all! No arms or legs... no clevage at all.

I still watch the posts back and absolutely adore them because that was a chapter in my life and it’s been like a diary to me. I am beautiful in everything I post. Never for once did I deny my beauty, I have always had strong confidence no matter who tried to bring me down.

It’s interesting how someone can have a effect on you to change you as a person.

But I feel like I love the me I’m becoming now more than ever.

P.S. I’m not listening anymore.

Now that chapter is closed I can be me again.

I thank behind the moon and stars for what being on ig like this though has brought me... never in a million years did I think I would get something that I’m so blessed to have currently. 💙💋🧸

Something that has saved me from so much in my life, if I didn’t have that, I don’t know where I’d be.

So I think I’m gonna take that and enjoy it more and be more peaceful on here right now.

I am getting stronger and a clearer mind in which I don’t feel the want to post that same style of pictures and videos at this moment. 


There’s a set of eyes that gets the pleasure of seeing all of me now, just never you.



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