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Simi is from Vancouver and founder/editor of SimiSodaPop.com.
"A Refreshment of Bubbly Gossip!".
Loves shopping and finding the latest in Beauty, Fashion, Health and Entertainment.
Favorite NHL teams? Canucks & Panthers (Luongo's Team Obviously)!
Favorite NBA team? Toronto Raptors!

I have been blogging since I was 17, I wanted to start my website based on Family and Friends turning to me for advice and help so I thought why not share with the rest of the world, It would be fun.
This has been such a wonderful way to connect and keep a diary with thoughts on my favorite finds, products and what else I may want to share.

This February 25th marks my 11th year since I started SimiSodaPop!
That is very exciting for me and I want to thank each and everyone for your continued support and it means the world to me.
With readers from all over the world I'm so happy to see how well SimiSodaPop is loved by all.

10 Fun facts about me: 
- I'm a PROUD Vegan (main diet of organic/vegetarian/vegan/raw), love to study nutrition and find healthy food!
- I have a extreme LOVE for Beauty/Skincare.
- I LOVE to collect Fragrances/Perfumes, it's my favorite thing ever!
- I LOVE Fashion!
- Entertainment: Concerts & Sports Games are my favorite thing!
I have a love and collection for Barbies and Disney items!
- Anything Coconut themed for Beauty and Food is my favorite.
- Five Favorite Movies or TV Show's I can watch a million times:  The Fast and Furious movies, Full House, Home Alone, How The Grinch Stole Christmas & Hawaii Five-0.
- Travel/Culture I love learning about countries from around the world.
- Music Obsessed - I have favorite artists from so many places, just to name a few.. 
Albania, Armenia, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, France, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, UK, USA.

In 2013-2014 I wrote for South Asian Woman Magazine which is Created for, by and about women.
Summer/Fall/Winter/Fall (4 Issues).
I created articles on Beauty, Food, Fashion, Entertainment and more!

I hope you enjoy reading and if you'd like to reach me click the Contact link above. :)


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