Saturday, August 10, 2019

Dare - Cookie Chips - Birthday Cake.

These are such simple and fun Cookie Chips.
But.... first off... the product packaging is out of this world!!! I love it!
Beautiful colors, looks rich and bold to stand out on the store shelves and in your pantry and home snack corner.

With a fresh delicious vanilla cookie flavor combined with a thin and crunchy chip that melts down in your mouth and give you a burst of satisfaction, and colorful sprinkles to give it that yummy flavor of having a slice of Birthday Cake.
I mean... what a trio punch of explosion in your mouth to enjoy!!!
I'd say it's a good combination of flavors, its a lighter version of Birthday Cake flavor though compared to say a Birthday Cake frosting, but that is a nice thing so the cookie isn't too overpowering of a sweet flavor. 
Sometimes those can be a bit too much.
The sprinkles I enjoyed as they melted nicely, rather than a hard type sprinkle that sometimes, you find in snacks.

You can snack on literally a bag of these if you feel like it or just a bowl full, you don't get sick of them, they are nice on their own or paired with a drink of your choice.
Children and Adults will both enjoy these! 
But I feel they really do make a perfect adult snack as they give a more grown up twist on a typical Birthday Cake snack.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Kiddieland Toys - Limited Disney My First Mickey Police Car.
This is got to be one of the most cutest children's toy I have come across.
They have a assortment of different styles of these, from: Cars Lightning McQueen, Buzz Lightyear Plane, Frozen Anna and Elsa, Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse Train, Minnie and Mickey Mouse Pinball, Mickey Mouse Plane, Mickey Mouse Fire Truck and perhaps even more I haven't mentioned, the selection is wild!

Something to suit every child, and lastly but not least, my favorite one the Mickey Police Car.
Absolutely the most adorable and fitting for my house.
This product is suitable for 18 months and up.
It's such a safe and strong product and full of cute sounds lights and effects to make your little one think he or she is fighting crime in his city.
Comes fully assembled so mom and dad don't have to struggle with putting anything together and the little ones get it right fresh from the box to play with right away (or a few minutes if you wish to apply the rest of the stickers first)!
Mommy's and Daddies check this product out ASAP!
Though if you have multiple children in the same age group, might want to pick up one for each child as they definitely will fight over this!!
Plus its super cute to watch them each ride on their car and have little races together.
Loving this Mickey Police Car!

Hear Mickey talk and play his favorite music.
Press interactive buttons to hear siren, horn and engine sounds.
See flashing lights and realistic blinkers.

The dashboard features many different sounds and lights depending on which button is pressed. Press the Key Button to fire up the vehicle, press the other buttons to hear various phrases from Mickey, and play different notes on the mini keyboard.

Cool police graphics and lights.

Press on Policeman Mickey for lights and sounds.

The textured wheels help provide traction on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces

Turn the steering wheel to go left or right and press the horn for fun sounds.

The rear handle prevents kids from falling off of the ride on and can be used to push the ride on.

Rear Bumper
The rear bumper prevents the ride on from tipping backwards while in use and provides stability when pushing the ride on.

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