Friday, March 11, 2022

Podcast: SimiSodaPop with Simi - EPISODE 1.

Introduction to SimiSodaPop with Simi, Organic Vegan Edible Body Butter, Hershey’s, Ali Wong, Euphoria, Sports, Disney, 

Personal Girl Talk.. The one named Hot Stuff.. as the Rihanna song goes: “It's like I checked into rehab and, baby you're my disease”.. how you can be in a roller coaster of a relationship but somehow crave it like an addiction..

You’re listening to SimiSodaPop with Simi.

Beauty. Foodie. Lifestyle. Personal.

A Refreshment of Bubbly Gossip!

This is my journey to re discovering myself and learning to love me again and find my hobbies and share my favourite things and advice and just random personal girl talk, while I go through life/relationship ups and downs and a spiritual awakening/what I assumed was a twin flame journey.. but who knows anymore? I’m all about right now living in the moment and let’s see what happens.. whatever happens happens, whatever is meant to happen will be and play out. Hope for the best. Be strong in the process and to now put myself first again. I’ve neglected me for far too long, but now I’m saying hello world I’m back.

Dolls. The world is yours.

My personal life. Family/Relationship/Friendships/Spirituality/Twin Flame Journey/Healing. Answering your questions and requests. 



Being there for you through anything and everything as your new best friend.

Sharing my favorite finds and obsessions for Beauty/Food/Fashion/Snacks/Entertainment/Books/Health/Home or anything else that may be what I’m loving lately.



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