Thursday, May 7, 2020

Hey Lovelies.
Today we have: Jelly Belly Organic Rainforest Fruit Flavoured Snacks. 
These are absolutely adorable looking fruit snacks.
The product packing is definitely what first drew my eyes to the product. I cannot get enough!!! 
It’s sooo colorful and fun!!
Then I noticed it’s by Jelly Belly which is my ultimate favorite jelly bean brand, so knew it was a trusted brand to me, and next... it’s Organic and with a beautiful selection of ingredients!! Loved that so much!!
With regular fruit snacks that you see in grocery stores, if you compare the ingredient listing, you will be amazed at this ones very clean choices, who needs a bunch of unnecessary ingredient right?! Well Jelly Belly knows you don’t!! So they keep it simple!
Flavored with Real Fruit Juice, Made with Non-GMO ingredients, Color’s from Natural Sources, Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Vegetarian,
and 70 calories per serving!

They are also certified OU Kosher, vegetarian and free of gelatin, gluten, peanuts, fat and dairy. 
This is the Assorted naturally flavored selection, where you get 6 packs inside the box with 6 different flavors in each package complete in cute little rainforest animal shapes!
Cherry, Berry, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Apple.
They are delicious, bright, yummy and each flavor is spot on addictive, you will have a hard time picking what flavor is your favorite.
The texture is firm to see the shape of the little animal designs, but soft to the touch and not sticky and icky on your teeth like sooo many fruit snacks out there on the market.
A great choice that will be a favorite for a long time!
So fun for children!!! But also fun for all ages!!

Perfect for a child’s birthday party! Or even for movie night with your loved one/ones. The list is endless!!
The beautiful product packaging combined with the power packing flavors in these cute treats have made this awesome product on the market. Well done Jelly Belly!!!
Best known for putting the gourmet jelly bean on the map, Jelly Belly Candy Company celebrates fun and flavour with a nostalgic offering of gourmet candies and jelly beans in an ever-changing array of new flavours and special collections.

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