Disclosure with Simi

Hey Dolls.
Starting a new spinoff off... it will be a blog series called Disclosure with Simi with possibly a podcast to follow and tie into it.
Disclosure: the action of making new or secret information known.
With Episodes each time on a new Relationship or Life subject. Or even more... you never know what might pop in my head that day that I wish to speak about.
Beauty. Fashion. Food. Entertainment. Electronics. Sex. Babies. Children. Books. Goals. Home Design/Home Decor.... who knows the list is endless!!!
I’m super excited for this.
The word choice Disclosure: it was easy word to choose from in my head that I felt would best describe the kind of conversation I want to write and talk about.
I have been through a lot in my life so far and the more people I meet, when I share my experiences and the chapters I’ve had in my life so far I have been told and have found that I have helped many people with understanding situations and how to handle things.
I have done relationship and life advice via my Instagram for my followers from quite some time now and I love helping people and want to continue that into more of a outreach and my world here on SimiSodaPop.
You may reach out to me on my Instagram @angelsimig with any questions or relationship/life situations you are going through and I will do my best to put it on a list to do a post And talk about that topic on a episode of Disclosure with Simi.
Your information is always kept private and when I reply, I reply based on the subject/topic and don’t chose to name names.
Talk soon.


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