Monday, November 30, 2009

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Exclusive coverage of the 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show straight to your iPhone!
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the Sexiest Show on Earth. Tomorrow, 10/9 Central, on CBS.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

New are a few new songs off of Adam Lambert's new album: :D

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The Towel Cake Set from Le Patissier looks so deliciously irresistibility you’ll do a double take. Sure to charm any cake lover, this set of three includes a marble round cake, chocolate shortcake, and strawberry roll cake packaged just like real cakes that transform into white, dark brown, and pink 100% cotton hand towels. The strawberries and cherries that adorn the top are magnets, certain to look just as cute on the fridge.

Towel Cake Set from Le Patissier

Visit any patisserie shop in Japan and you can see windows displaying adorable little cakes that look almost too good to eat, an appeal that has made cakes a popular theme for cute accessories and stationary goods.

Towel Cake Set from Le Patissier

The Towel Cake set is a perfect for gift for birthdays or Mother’s Day.
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This newest
product from Beats by Dr. Dre line has now been released and you can find them at Best Buy. Pop icon Lady Gaga teamed up w/ Dr. Dre to create Heartbeats inspired by Gaga.
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Britney Spears Advances Her Digital Presence by Creating New App Brand "It's Britney!"

Los Angeles, CA - International Icon, Britney Spears, launches her own iPhone and iPod Touch app. The app, exclusive to the artist, is named "
It's Britney!" and is currently available worldwide at the iTunes App Store for $1.99 ( With the "It's Britney!!" app, fans get to the front of the line with all things officially Britney. After purchasing the app, fans will receive official news first hand, get exclusive messages from Britney herself, be able to create and share images of themselves and friends on stage with Britney, have access to updated photo galleries which include real time photos, exclusive tour images as well as a photo gallery of over 100+ iconic images of Britney over the years. Additionally, the app features a "Shake Shake Shake" feature in which Britney says "It's Britney Bitch!" every time the user shakes their iPhone or iPod Touch.

A detailed explanation of each feature the app has to offer is below:

Be Britney's Dancer: All you need is a photo of yourself and within seconds you'll have a photo of you onstage with Britney. Users are able to upload their newly created photo to be featured on Britney's website,, and share with their friends or upload on Facebook, Twitter and more.

Messages From Britney: Britney will be communicating directly with users by dropping exclusive messages.

News: Users will be the first to receive official news.

Fresh Updated Photo Galleries: Users will have access to 100+ photos from Britney's archives as well as her recent "Circus" tour which include fans, dancers, behind the scenes and more. The photo galleries will be updates as new Britney images arrive. The photos can be saved to users' iPhoto library and can be used as wallpaper.

Home Screen: The home screen will frequently be updated and will feature the latest photos of Britney plus photos throughout her career and # 1 selling Circus tour.

Twitter: Users will be able to follow Britney directly and receive her latest tweets.

Sparkler: The Sparkler is the ultimate concert companion. Users will be able to hold up the Sparkler at her concert or keep as a souvenir of the closing finale on her Circus Tour.

Spears has proven herself a pioneer in the online marketing forum. She was the first artist to hit the one million follower mark on twitter and remains # 2 overall with 3.6 million followers. In addition, Britney was the first artist to launch a line of virtual gifts with Facebook and currently has 2.4 million fans on her
Facebook Page.

Spears, currently on tour in Australia, is the first artist in over three years to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with her recent single, "3." The record-breaking song is fromBritney Spears' brand new album
The Singles Collection which hit stores on November 10th. The Singles Collection contains 17 of Spears' most popular songs. An ultimate fan box set will be released on November 24th and in addition to "3," the set has 29 chart-topping songs, special packaging, remixes and a booklet with iconic images and fun facts about each track.

To see a special message from Britney, fans can go to or

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Seriously anything this chick puts out i love! :D
I love her music and she reminds me of me! :D

Check out her brand new song called "Superficial" off her new album "Superficial"
coming out in all stores January 12th 2010!
Be sure to pick up ur copy on that date! =)
until then you can purchase this song on itunes or listen to it below! :D

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Updated Site! :D
I updated my site! :D
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Subscribe to me on youtube! :D

Picture belongs to:
thanks for making much cute pictures! :D

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Lady GaGa's dirrrrtyyyy Xmas Song! :D
this video is made by me! on my channel! :D
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New Music!
Just heard this song on one of my favorite tv shows THE HILLS, and im addicted to this song since i heard it!
check it out below:
It's Called "More of you" by a artist named MoZella!
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