Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Pop-Tarts - Bites - Confetti Cake Flavour Mini Pastries.
I’ve been dying to try these!!!
I loved Pop-Tarts growing up and so I thought these were such a fun twist on a childhood favorite snack.
The flavor I was most excited to try was of course the Confetti Cake one.
Cuteness and Delicious little treats.
I’d say I think I’m actually loving them more than any original Pop-Tarts I’ve ever had!
Slightly crispy edges like they are fresh from your toaster and slightly soft inside complete with a vanilla cake flavor filling. 
The Confetti Cake flavor is an absolutely bright sweet burst of fun in your mouth! 
With little colorful confetti, makes these snacks a bright rainbow bite sized treat.
You get 10 pouches in a box and 6 Mini Pastries in each pouch.
The kids will love them too!!
A great little cheat snack while you binge watch your favorite tv show. 
Mine currently is Good Girls.
These are definitely a must buy and repurchase!

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