Friday, May 30, 2014

Hey Everyone!
Today's feature is New Age Prescision 8 in 1 Power Serum.

It describes itself as (from
The power to transform your skin in just 7 days. See visible results from the first application. Multi-peptide anti-aging boost 14% (5 peptides and xylitol).
Perfume free, paraben free, hypo-allergenic.

Marcelle - New Age Prescision 8 in 1 Power Serum:
Did you know this Serum won a Elle Canada 2014 Beauty award?
Suitable for all skin types, smart 8-1 benefits of:
1. Instant botox-like action
2. Wrinkle filling effect
3. Firms skin and improves elasticity
4. Visibly reduces even deep wrinkles
5. Boosts radiance
6. Reinforces skin's structure
7. Lifting effect
8. Improves skin texture

5 Peptides + Botox-Like effect + Wrinkle Filling + 24H Hydration.

The 5 powerful Peptides stimulate 3 key elements in your skin: Collagen, Hyaluronic acid and Elastin.

Transforms skin and gives it a boost of radiance. Also leaves skin very soft!
Add this Serum to your day and night skin care routine and notice differences instantly, in 30 minutes and after 7 days!

For all Skin Types, Hypo Allergenic and 100% Perfume Free, 100% Paraben Free, Tested on Sensitive Skin, Tested under Dermatological Control.

Interested in these products?
To find the London Drugs nearest to you, visit them on their official site at:

FTC: Product Provided by London Drugs

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Check out the NEW fragrance Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana.
I adore D & G fragrances. This is a great Spring/Summer scent.
Fresh, Feminine, and Unique.

It describes itself as (from
Dolce is a gentle, feminine mix of white flowers introduced by the freshness of Neroli leaves and defined by the full-bodied scent of White Amaryllis, a South African flower used for the first time ever in scent. The Amaryllis is perfectly blended with a unique and opulent combination of White Water Lily and bold White Daffodil creating a classic yet distinctly original floral fragrance.

Dolce’s elegant packaging is reminiscent of a vintage fragrance flacon. The flower stopper pays tribute to Sicilian customs, while a thin black grosgrain ribbon, presented in an elegant bow, conjures images of the white shirts and bow-ties that were a signature of early Dolce & Gabbana catwalk shows. The bottle is labeled with a flourish of black script, a replica of Domenico Dolce’s father’s signature.

Neroli Leaves, Papaya Flower, White Amaryllis, White Daffodil, White Water Lily, Cashmeran, Musky Notes, Sandalwood.
Delicate. Joyous. Avant-garde.

Be sure to check out this fragrance at your local Beauty Counter.
Be on the lookout soon for more "I Love It Perfume" posts on my favorite fragrances! :)


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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hey Lovelies!
Fellow VS & Alessandra Ambrosio Fans can get a chance to ask their favorite angel a question tomorrow on AskAnAngel with Alessandra Taking Over The @VSSPORTOFFICIAL Twitter Page.
So Wednesday, May 28th, 9-9:30PM EST.

Alessandra Tweets:
It's tomorrow! Don't forget to send your question #AskanAngel!! I will be taking over @vssportofficial twitter!!

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Hey Everyone!
Today's feature is Marcelle Revival Pro-Sculpt Day Care.

It describes itself as (from
Marcelle now introduces Revival Pro-Sculpt, with the latest technologies developed for mature skin, with 2 new benefits; a re-sculpting action and with Vederine, which acts like Vitamin D for your skin.

Reinforces the skin’s detoxification process while the skin naturally regenerates. Leaves the skin perfectly hydrated, smooth and supple in the morning.

- Plumps skin
- Improves density, firmness and elasticity of the skin
- Smoothes the appearance of even deep wrinkles
- Refines the contours of the face
- Regenerates and deeply moisturizes the skin
- Combats effects resulting from hormonal changes and environmental factors
- Increases skin thickness
- Acts like vitamin D for skin without UV exposure
- Fights against skin sagging and improves resistance to gravity

Marcelle - Revival Pro-Sculpt Day Care:
Add this to your daily skin care, the day care is perfect for mature skin and adds hydration, soothes and the name revival is a great description of what it does!
A anti-aging + anti-sagging product, that is said to have the same benefits of Vitamin D (thats amazing!) resculpt, redensify, and replump.

Hypo Allergenic, 100& Perfume Free, and 100% Paraben Free.

Interested in these products?
To find the London Drugs nearest to you, visit them on their official site at:

FTC: Product Provided by London Drugs

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hey Everyone!
Here is a Contest at Indigo/Chapters for American Girl.
Isabelle Girl of the Year.
Contest closes June 1, 2014.

Check it out at:

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Hey Everyone!
Today's feature is Marcelle CC Cream Complete Correction SPF 35 - Light to Medium.
I can remember the brand Marcelle was one of the first few skincare and makeup products I tried so I always have a few favorites from them, and love trying new releases!

It describes itself as (from
Offers the same benefits as BB Cream, but with more long-term skin care benefits and nourishing ingredients. It perfects uneven skin tone and helps reduce dark spots. Its pure 24K gold infused formula provides deep radiance, more coverage and a lighter texture than BB Cream leaving your skin smoother, firmer and deeply moisturized.

Corrects and helps prevent the appearance of dark spots and imperfections
- Offers complete coverage
- Evens out skin tone and texture
- Controls shine
- Provides anti-dull radiant complexion
- Allows long-wear hold for lasting perfection
- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
- Reverses the signs of aging
- Favours and improves skin elasticity
- Protects skin from environmental stressors
- Offers immediate and intense hydrating benefits
- Soothes and calms dry/damaged skin

Marcelle - CC Cream Complete Correction SPF 35 - Light to Medium:
This CC Cream is great with the UVA & UVB SPF 35 makes it a good everyday product.
It's hydrating, good coverage leaves skin non-greasy and looking nice and natural and is long-lasting.
I like the list of 12 in 1 Multi Benefits.
You can choose to use it alone of after your day cream.

For all Skin Types, Hypo Allergenic and Dermatologist Tested.

Interested in these products?
To find the London Drugs nearest to you, visit them on their official site at:

FTC: Product Provided by London Drugs

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Check out the NEW fragrance Candy L'Eau by PRADA.
The Prada Candy fragrances are a favorite for me!
Delicious, Flirty and Fun.

It describes itself as (from
Candy declares her love for flowers. She takes on a new flirtatious game, where sensuality is pushed to the fullest. The delicately sweet smell of Candy meets a new, refined bouquet of sparkling cedrat and blooming cosmos that intermingle with her elegant softness. Candy is blossoming.

Sparkling Cedrat, Bouquet Of Cosmos, Benzoin, Caramel, White Musk.
Sensuous. Coquettish.

Be sure to check out this fragrance at your local Beauty Counter.
Be on the lookout soon for more "I Love It Perfume" posts on my favorite fragrances! :)

Photo from:

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Disney has just released The Maleficent Collection.
I've been looking forward to the film now and excited to check it out in Theaters May 30th.
Now with the collection of products everything looks so bold and wicked!
I can't wait to pick up a few of the items.
My favorites are pictured above and are just a few of the many goodies to collect!

US Pricing:
- Maleficent Disney Film Collection Doll - 12'' $34.95
- Aurora Disney Film Collection Doll - Maleficent - 12'' $34.95
- Maleficent Lithograph Set - Limited Edition $29.95
- Maleficent Journal $16.95
- Maleficent Movie Tee for Women $19.95
- Maleficent and Dragon Mug $12.95
- Maleficent and Aurora Mug $12.95
- Maleficent Draped Tank Tunic for Women $39.95
- Maleficent Gray Studded Tank for Women $29.95
- Maleficent and Aurora Tee for Women $29.95
- Dragon Tee for Boys by Stella McCartney - Maleficent $74.95


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Miss Aura by SWAROVSKI is a Fragrance For Women.
This is a captivating and beautiful fragrance.
I love the concept and whole image that it represents.
Perfect for Bright Strong Young Women, I love it's Floral and Fruity fragrance.
The bottle design is so pretty, the butterfly print and jewel adds the perfect touch!
This fragrance makes a great gift for your girlfriends for the Spring/Summer.

Read the Official Press Release Below:
Miss Aura by SWAROVSKI
The good luck fragrance
2013 - Two years after the launch of the first Swarovski fragrance, Aura by Swarovski, the House of Swarovski launches Miss Aura, an eau de toilette as radiant as a smile.

Swarovski, the alchemist, has cut and facetted crystal for over 100 years, Thanks to it's secret know-how, handed down from one generation to the next, this creative House had given life to substance, infusing it with incomparable sparkle. Transforming crystal into adornments of light, Swarovski enhances women with even more passion and emotion.

The butterfly, and allegory of femininity and the ultimate symbol of transformation, fits perfectly into the legend of the visionary craftsman. It serves as a guide for the "Wings of Poetry" collection, a collection of talisman-jewelry inspired by and fashioned after butterfly wings. Like the butterfly, crystal brings to mind a change of state, an eminently positive and radiant movement towards flight, color and beauty.

Today, Swarovski fragrances draw inspiration from the butterfly to create Miss Aura, the good luck fragrance for young women who are spreading their wings.

Miss Aura, your aura is your luck
Ready to leap into life, young women believe in their dreams. They want to surround themselves with talismans and other charms: delicate and reassuring symbols that they feel bring them luck. They know that these objects will help them in their choices to move towards a happy future.

Miss Aura is the fragrance of an evanescent, graceful and joyful young woman who facinates and enthralls those around her. She glows, swept up in a whirlwind of new emotions. Life is open to her, like a promise of happiness. She smiles at life, which smiles back at her. Luck turns... and swirls around her.

Her secret? The young lady has an invisible and yet delicious perceptible talisman: her aura, her fragrance, protected within a bottle decorated with a myriad of butterflies taking flight. Legend has it that for a dream to come true, you must whisper it to a butterfly, which carries the wish up to the sky for it to come true.

These winged messengers have gathered some good luck nectar" a drop on the skin promises the bring luck and beauty. Conceived by butterflies that collected the essence of the most beautiful flowers, this luminous fragrance created an aura of jot and pleasure around the young women who wears it. Enhanced by delicate and cheerful notes, she glows with confidant and serene femininity, believing in her good fortune and embracing those who cross her path into a whirl of happiness.

The charm of Miss Aura works its magic in the shadow of a luminous fragrances, Your aura is your ultimate good luck charm.

Perfume and butterflies:
two symbols of luck, two inspiring good luck charms
Throughout history, men have provoked good fortune by creating talismans to wear, items that were said to offer protection and lick: amulets in the form of insects and animals, statuettes of gods and goddesses. These symbols seem to establish a connection and benefit from the powers of another world. The first talismans were pieces of stone or metal whose shape or unusual color might suggest magical powers. Stone, object, gesture, animal, flower or color... while their meaning varies from country to country, good luck charms are universal.

Like the butterfly, perfume evokes the want to fulfill our desires. From the start, scent was considered to bring luck and positive energy; chosen to allow men and women to rise up toward something that surpassed their humanity, to establish communication with a superior order capable of granting their wishes. Perfume lead to all transformations, towards eternal life and all that is most elevated... like the butterfly, the ultimate symbol of transformation.

Today, the butterfly remains at the center of many legends about happiness all over the world: seeing a white butterfly or a group of three butterflies is a promise of good luck all year long. And a pink butterfly is said to predict happiness for life! In many countries, a butterfly on a New Year's card is meant to bring jot for the upcoming year. In China and Vietnam, the butterfly symbolizes beauty and long life.

Finally, according to a Hawaiian legend, "when you want your dream to come true, whisper it to a butterfly". This explains the tradition of "releasing butterflies" during wedding ceremonies, a moment of grace that now exists in other countries to celebrate the beginning of a new and happy life. This is a sensation of wonder for the guests, who make their wishes by freeing them, these messengers of joy, to fly off into eternity.

A fragrance of light and magic
A fruity floral scent as radiant as a smile
Miss Aura by Swarovski is a good luck fragrance that unfolds an aura of luck around who wears it. The mystery is this special power is hidden in it's olfactory symphony of joyful, floral fruity notes.
It's enigma is made of three secret accords that trigger a magical effect:
- A burst of joy resounds in fruity notes within a savvy blend of pink grapefruit, lychee and ivy. This luminous fusion recalls the exuberance, freshness and grace of a crystal-clear laugh. It's a flight of soft colors, like the dance of butterflies that decorates the Miss Aura bottle.

- Exquisite femininity reveals itself in the blossoming of a floral bouquet. Sensual absolute rose teases buddleia, nicknamed the "butterfly tree" as it's almond scent attracts butterflies. Sweet pea, with honey accents, completes the metamorphosis of the young woman by granting her marvelous dreams of femininity.

- Finally, a delicious harmony reigns over the accords thanks to Vetiver wood and patchouli, intense and colorful, they give strength and structure to the luminous accords of this good luck fragrance.

Every day, the charm of Miss Aura works it's magic. The young woman smiles at luck, which smiles right back at her.

A creation by Véronique Nyberg and Aliénor Massenet for IFF.

The showcase of happiness
The Miss Aura bottle is as delicate and magical as it's fragrance.
It's design was inspired by the idea of transformation and by the legend of the butterflies as messengers of the gods: on the box and on the bottle, a graphic stream of butterflies breaks free to take flight.

As if attracted by the crystal that adorns the Miss Aura cap, a joyful could of pink and silvery butterflies swirls around this dazzling prism. The peach shade of the eau de toilette suggests the mouth-watering freshness of this delicious fragrance.

The box, a showcase of delicateness and poetry, features the butterfly myriad motif in an extremely feminine, pastel graduation.

A visual that features a young woman with an enchanting and marvelous aura
Miss Aura wanders through the poetic atmosphere of a setting made exclusively of paper, representing the interior of a beautiful Parisian apartment invaded by huge white flowers.
This dram-like twist between interior and exterior, realism and theatrical scenery, gives for to a delicate, feminine world.

The graceful and mischievous young woman plays with the paper butterflies that flutter away from her giant fragrance bottle. Like best friends, she entrusts them with her dreams and then delicately blows on them to set them free. Messengers of the sky, the butterflies carry her wishes into the radiant, azure blue of a Spring morning.

The visual captures a fleeting moment of grace, like the delicious trail of the Miss Aura by Swarovski fragrance.

On her wrist, the young woman wears a Swarovski bracelet in shimmering colors, like exotic butterfly wings, a limited edition for Spring/Summer 2013.

To create this visual, Swarovski teamed up with English designer Shona Heath, a specialist in paper decorations, who works regularly with photographer Tim Walker. In by the dream-like world of the fragrance, Shona offered her interpretation of the scene: "On the Miss Aura visual, leaves, flowers and swirls are made from paper cut out by hand. They are then scored to give them their final shape... It's as if they started to grow and come to life... which is voluntary, as if the fragrance and butterflies had awakened this imaginary place."


Top Notes

Pink Grapefruit

Heart Notes
Absolute Rose
Sweet Pea

Bottom Notes
Vetiver Wood

The Fragrance:
Miss Aura is a lucky charm fragrance unfolding an aura of good fortune around the woman wearing it. This mysterious power comes from its magical formula, gathered by a marvellous swarm of butterflies who keep its composition secret….

It's Composition:

Burst of joy

The sparkle and sunshine bursting from the fragrance come from a skilful blend of fruits: pink grapefruit and litchi and also ivy. This luminous combination evokes the joy, freshness and grace of a crystalline laugh. A flight of sweet colours, like the farandole of butterflies decorating Miss Aura’s pack.

Exquisite femininity

The metamorphosis begins with a blossoming bouquet of flowers: sensual absolute of rose teases the buddleia, nicknamed “butterfly tree”, due to their attraction to its almond smell. While the balmy and honey-dewed breeze of sweet pea makes your most beautiful dreams of femininity come true.

Delicious harmony

Finally, vetiver and patchouli resonate in the shade of this fragrance of light. Intense and colourful, they give strength and structure to the lucky charm. Miss Aura’s exquisite charm transforms she who wears it into a lady even luck cannot resist. 

Perfumers: IFF: Véronique Nyberg and Aliénor Massenet

Check out Miss Aura by SWAROVSKI at:

FTC: Product provided by SWAROVSKI.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Hi Dolls.
They just released the 25 guys who will be on the newest season of The Bachelorette with Andi Dorfman.
Meet the Bachelors, Check it out here.

The Bachelorette Posts on their Facebook Page:
"#TheBachelorette premieres in just ONE WEEK! Who's excited to join Andi on her search for love?"

Looking forward to the Special Premiere on Monday May 19th at 9:30/8:30c.


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Hey Dolls!
Thought I would post a "What's On My Playlist" post today,
Wanted to do a Video Version Edition.. where you can check out the music videos for each of the 7 songs I've listed below.. Been loving these tracks and they are on my May #1 playlist.

INNA - Cola Song (feat. J Balvin):

Cher Lloyd - Human (audio):

Ariana Grande - Problem (Lyric Video) ft. Iggy Azalea:

Iggy Azalea - Fancy (Explicit) ft. Charli XCX:

Aneeka - Sin Combustible:

Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good:

Pixie Lott - Nasty:

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hey Pretty Readers!
Cher Lloyd is Featured As Cover Girl For Glamoholic for Spring-Special 2014 Issue.
I love her style!
Be sure to check out the Spring-Special 2014 issue and pick up a copy online.


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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hi Beauties.
Today's product is Huile Prodigieuse - I Love Huile Prodigieuse - May 2014 - Limited Edition by NUXE.

First here is a little introduction to the brand below:

"Passionate about the infinite power of plants and convinced from a very young age by my father, a research pharmacist, that the major therapeutic discoveries originate from the world of plants, I remembered 5 basic truths that inspire me every day in my beauty philosophy and guide me in continuing to build the NUXE brand:
Nature as my inspiration. As an inexhaustible source of effectiveness and creativity, it is key to my vision of cosmetics.Innovation as a motor. Since its creation, NUXE has had its very own R&D laboratory. Today, there are 32 patents in submission and others are being studied.Evaluation as standard. A product is only launched if its safety and effectiveness are proven through rigorous testing and objectives carried out under dermatological supervision.Accessibility as a major focus. The most effective treatments are not always the most expensive. I therefore strive to offer consumers high-performance products at the right price.Sensoriality as a foundation. In order to blend effectiveness and regularity of use, I am very conscious of creating delightful textures, delicate fragrances and enchanting names.
NUXE has become the natural origin cosmetology brand that combines performance and pleasure, and one of the best-selling* brands in pharmacies and parapharmacies in France.
NUXE's DNA is the marriage of high rigor and a touch of poetry.

Our philosophy: Beauty by Nature
* source: IMS figures from the end of March 2011 (in value) in pharmacies and parapharmacies - 3 categories

Read the Official Press Release Below:
An air of optimism and glamour surrounds the new Huile Prodigieuse collection. To enhance it's legendary beauty secret, NUXE had designed 2 unique collector editions, 2 gifts intended for all women who recognize their own Prodigious power in 2014.

why has it become such a legend?

No. 1 selling oil
No. 1 selling body care in pharmacies in France...

L'Huile Prodigieuse
remains the original, one of a kind, and unique.
Often copied, but never equaled: it is glamorous, natural, sensual, multi-usage, multi-purpose product for the face, body and hair.

L'Huile Prodigieuse
has won the hearts of thousands of women, with more than 2 millions units sold in 2013.

Limited Editions to collect!
In 2014, NUXE has decided to feature a woman on it's Iconic bottle, a woman who is just like us - spontaneous, positive and brimming with zest for life, inviting us to follow her on :
2 new Prodigious Stories,
2 new Must-Have products.

Mademoiselle Prodigieuse, that's ME!
Launching May 2014,
I'm arriving in time for spring
And what does my bottle say?
I Love Huile Prodigieuse!
Huile Prodigieuse 100 ml Limited Edition
As soon as I feel the first warmth of the sun's rays on my skin, I am filled with a longing for gentleness and a touch of vacations feeling.
So I give into my wishes and share them with others, making myself prodigiously attractive.
On my beloved 100 ml bottle, NUXE has drawn a woman just like me... Irresistible, friendly, wearing a summery dress, with attractive tumbling curls and a real zest for life.

In June 2014,
I'm coming back for the summer.
And what does my bottle say?
I am Prodigious!
Huile Prodigieuse OR 100 ml Limited Edition
Just like my skin my bottle has been taken on a beautiful tan tone and I have the feeling that I'm going to cause a sensation all summer long.
With my skin subtly bathed in gold and light, I feel Prodigiously beautiful... And I wish you a Prodigious summer!

Huile Prodigieuse...
Descriptive words
Prodigiously effective, prodigiously irreplaceable, prodigiously unique... the envy of other brands. Often copied, never equaled, it's dry texture and 97.8% natural formula enriched with vitamin E is guaranteed free from silicone, free from preservatives and mineral oil.

Composed of 6 precious plant oils (Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borage, Sweet Almond, Camellia and St. John's Wort) it is unparalleled in it's ability to nourish, repair and soften the skin.
The 'OR' version pays tribute to the inner goddess in every woman. Thanks to it's very fine mineral-origin pearls, it enhances the skin and hair in a single step.

It's inimitable fragrance smells of happiness, vacations and femininity, with it's orange blossom head notes, it's addictive floral heart with notes of rose and white lily, and it's very sensual base with notes of amber and vanilla.

Huile Prodigieuse Limited Editions 2014
Huile Prodigieuse 100 ml Limited Edition
Huile Prodigieuse OR 100 ml Limited Edition

NUXE'S commitment
- Selection of natural active ingredients
- Products that do not contain mineral oil or any material derived from animals*
- Products that are non-comedogenic**
Tests are conducted by an independent laboratory authorized by the Ministry of Research for optimum
- Safety and efficiency
- Paraben-free preservative system
- Contributes to the preservation of the environment, by giving priority to recyclable materials, etc.

* Excluding products derived from beehives
** Facial care

First off I have been loving this brand, and their choice of product packaging for this release is just the cutest thing!

A beautiful Spring release, this product is just so popular now it's the newest beauty trend and I love that because it's a unique type of product to have, This Multi-Purpose Dry Oil is for your Face, Body and Hair, and it's got the benefits of 6 precious plant oils (nourishes, repairs and softens) and Vitamin E!
It quickly absorbs into skin and leaves your skin feeling super smooth and hair with a nice shine. :)
Nice fragrance too!
These types of Dry Oils have been a favorite among women for over 20 years, so do check out this product at your local beauty counter.

You can check out NUXE on their links below:

FTC: Product Provided by NUXE

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Hi Everyone.
Looks like the May date to Vancouver Canada for Aaron has been changed and he now posted the new full Canadian Tour Dates.
Take a look below and be sure to check out his performance in your city! :)

6/11 Toronto, ON
6/12 Kingston, ON
6/13 Montreal, OC
6/14 St. John's, NFLD
6/16 Winnipeg, MB
6/17 Saskatoon, SK
6/18 Calgary, AB
6/19 Edmonton, AB
6/21 Victoria, B.C
6/22 Vancouver, B.C.

Aaron Posts on his Facebook Page:
#ohcanada GET READY FOR ME IN JUNE! I'm coming for you!! 

Where was the music video to Aaron's party filmed and made? 
Do you know?

Photo: Aaron Carter's Official Facebook Page

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Check out the NEW fragrance Coach Signature Summer by COACH.
I just love COACH fragrances. This is a great addition for Summer.
Summery, Chic, and Classic.

It describes itself as (from
As refreshing and optimistic as a clear blue sky on the perfect summer day, Coach Signature Summer Limited Edition captures the essence of a day at the beach, suggesting cool blue water, bright sunshine, and a warm ocean breeze. This lush floral musk fragrance features notes of water lily, white peony, and vanilla orchid for an effortlessly chic scent that is the ideal every-day accessory this summer. 

Water Lily, White Peony, Vanilla Orchid. 
Lush. Floral. Effortless.

Be sure to check out this fragrance at your local Beauty Counter.
Be on the lookout soon for more "I Love It Perfume" posts on my favorite fragrances! :)


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