Friday, November 20, 2020

Hey Lovelies.
Today we have: Betty Crocker DunkAroos Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting With Rainbow Sprinkles.

"Dunkaroos are a snack food from Betty Crocker, first launched in 1990. It consists of a snack-sized package containing cookies and frosting; as the name implies, the cookies are meant to be dunked into the frosting before eating. Individual snack packages contain about ten small cookies and one cubic inch of frosting."

These were the ultimate snack from my childhood in the 90's.
My brother and I LOVED them SO MUCH!!!
I remember getting boxes and boxes and they would be the highlight of the grocery shopping trip with my family. 
I was obsessed with them, snacking at home and bringing them for a at school snack as well, anything to brighten up time at school for me. 
I loved looking forward to recess and lunch where I'd know I can have peace, enjoy my snacks and forget about what was stressful situations were going on in school for me.

I was super excited to see them bring DunkAroos back in 2020!!!
The sweet sugary Vanilla Cookies paired with the yummy Vanilla Frosting With Rainbow Sprinkles, is like a little birthday cake treat flavour in a cookie and dip.

While I absolutely adore them still to this day, I do feel like they have changed a bit in flavor since back in the 90's.
The cookies seem to more remind me of a sugar cookie type flavour mixed with a touch of graham, I thought the 90/s tasted more of a darker cookie.
I'm still obsessed with them and they are my childhood love and I adore that they kept a similar design and product packaging/colors. 

Time to stock up and have them looking all ready for snack time during movie nights.
I wonder if they will release the ones with chocolate frosting as well?...


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Monday, October 5, 2020

Caramel Corn Pumpkin Pudding Flavor - Japan.

Can you take on this sweet vampire? 
The delicious, light and fluffy classic Tomato Caramel Corn has a Halloween surprise!
Using pumpkin paste, egg, nectar and condensed milk it has a pumpkin pudding flavor.
And the cute vampire packaging makes it extra spooky!

First up I absolutely love the product packaging it’s so full of cute and spooky Halloween vibes.
I love the texture of this snack, its like a softer version of Cheetos, they just mebecause 
This one is Caramel Corn Pumpkin Pudding Flavor and I was super excited to try it!
WOW! The beautiful scent of the flavor that just hits you as soon as you open the bag, in LOVE!
I adore how you get so many in the bag it’s really well filled up, okay now the texture, it’s a corn puff that melts in your mouth in a few seconds with a bold beautiful flavor of Caramel Corn Pumpkin Pudding, sugary sweet and salty coating, a beautiful mix of salty Caramel and sweet for the Pumpkin combined with Corn is perfection! 
Incredibly yummy and addictive, a must try and repurchase.
Do stock up before Halloween as this looks like a Limited Edition flavor!

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Hey Dolls.

Starting a new spinoff off... it will be a Podcast to tie in with my website here called: 


You’re listening to SimiSodaPop With Simi.

Beauty. Foodie. Lifestyle. Personal.

A Refreshment of Bubbly Gossip!

This is my journey to re discovering myself and learning to love me again and find my hobbies and share my favourite things and advice and just random personal girl talk, while I go through life/relationship ups and downs and a spiritual awakening/what I assumed was a twin flame journey.. but who knows anymore? I’m all about right now living in the moment and let’s see what happens.. whatever happens happens, whatever is meant to happen will be and play out. Hope for the best. Be strong in the process and to now put myself first again. I’ve neglected me for far too long, but now I’m saying hello world I’m back.

Dolls. The world is yours.

My personal life. Family/Relationship/Friendships/Spirituality/Twin Flame Journey/Healing. Answering your questions and requests. 

Find me on ig: @angelsimig.

My website:

Being there for you through anything and everything as your new best friend.

Sharing my favorite finds and obsessions for Beauty/Food/Fashion/Snacks/Entertainment/Books/Health/Home or anything else that may be what I’m loving lately.



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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Hey Beauties.
Here we have a exciting Fall product for your home!
VOLUSPA - Spiced Pumpkin Latte Home Diffuser.
I was so pumped to try this product, it looked absolutely stunning!!!
The bottle design is sooo gorgeous, I mean just look at it!
The scent is so elegant and welcoming: a perfect combination of pumpkin, marshmallow coconut and cinnamon!
I cannot get enough!
Some room scents can be overpowering and sickening to the point where you feel like you have to give it breaks and hide the product away and then bring it back, this one isn't like that at all!!!
I adore it, it's such a calming and uplifting fall scent.
Kick back, watch a movie and enjoy this cozy scent, have it in the living room with you there or even the bedroom or bathroom... anywhere it is suitable for!!!
Once the scent is finished do not throw away the bottle, its sooo pretty, it can be reused for anything!

It describes itself as (from
What it is: A custom glass diffuser that is powerful without being overwhelming. 
Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy
Scent Type: Warm & Sweet Gourmands
Key Notes: Fresh Kabocha Pumpkin, Fluffy Vanilla Marshmallow, Whipped Coconut Crema, Cinnamon Spiced Bruleé
Suggested Usage:
-Flip the reeds every other week for added life.

It describes itself as (from
Notes of fresh Kabocha Pumpkin pulp, coconut crema, spiced brûlée.
Invite the Fall season in with Voluspa’s Spiced Pumpkin Latte collection. Like cozying up with your favorite drink, this collection evokes a familiar yet refined scent.
With 10 fine-gauged rattan reeds, this custom diffuser is powerful without being overwhelming. Flip the reeds every other week for added life and fragrance.
Product Life: ~ 4-6 Months
Fill: 3.4 fl oz.
Dimensions: 2.25" D x 3.75" H
UPC: 806644725213
Hand-poured in the U.S.A.
Not tested on animals
Phthalates, parabens, & sulfate free

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Friday, July 3, 2020

Baskin’ Robbins Popping Shower Chocolate - Japan.
Summer is the time for ice cream!
Baskin Robbins released chocolate based on Japan’s most popular flavor, Popping Shower! Popping Candy adds a fun element to the sweet and cream chocolate!

A product I have been super excited to try!

My brother and I use to be big into trying all the new Baskin Robbins ice creams each month, so I do love the brand.
This is such a cute product that interests me.
The product packaging is so colorful, bright and super stunning! I love it!!!
It’s a take on capturing a chocolate/candy based on their popular and fun Ice Cream flavor Popping Shower.

Each little adorable box contains 12 individual popping shower chocolate pieces.
It’s a super sweet ramune soda flavored white chocolate with pink and green sugary pop rock candies that snap and crackle in your mouth which makes it a complete party!!
Kinda makes me think this flavor would be an amazing piece of bubble gum... perhaps they can create something like that in the future?!
The festive chocolate can be enjoyed at room temperature but chill it in the fridge or freezer for a real popping shower experience. 
Love these a lot!!

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Hey Lovelies.
Today we have: Jelly Belly Organic Rainforest Fruit Flavoured Snacks. 
These are absolutely adorable looking fruit snacks.
The product packing is definitely what first drew my eyes to the product. I cannot get enough!!! 
It’s sooo colorful and fun!!
Then I noticed it’s by Jelly Belly which is my ultimate favorite jelly bean brand, so knew it was a trusted brand to me, and next... it’s Organic and with a beautiful selection of ingredients!! Loved that so much!!
With regular fruit snacks that you see in grocery stores, if you compare the ingredient listing, you will be amazed at this ones very clean choices, who needs a bunch of unnecessary ingredient right?! Well Jelly Belly knows you don’t!! So they keep it simple!
Flavored with Real Fruit Juice, Made with Non-GMO ingredients, Color’s from Natural Sources, Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Vegetarian,
and 70 calories per serving!

They are also certified OU Kosher, vegetarian and free of gelatin, gluten, peanuts, fat and dairy. 
This is the Assorted naturally flavored selection, where you get 6 packs inside the box with 6 different flavors in each package complete in cute little rainforest animal shapes!
Cherry, Berry, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Apple.
They are delicious, bright, yummy and each flavor is spot on addictive, you will have a hard time picking what flavor is your favorite.
The texture is firm to see the shape of the little animal designs, but soft to the touch and not sticky and icky on your teeth like sooo many fruit snacks out there on the market.
A great choice that will be a favorite for a long time!
So fun for children!!! But also fun for all ages!!

Perfect for a child’s birthday party! Or even for movie night with your loved one/ones. The list is endless!!
The beautiful product packaging combined with the power packing flavors in these cute treats have made this awesome product on the market. Well done Jelly Belly!!!
Best known for putting the gourmet jelly bean on the map, Jelly Belly Candy Company celebrates fun and flavour with a nostalgic offering of gourmet candies and jelly beans in an ever-changing array of new flavours and special collections.

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