Saturday, August 10, 2019

Dare - Cookie Chips - Birthday Cake.

These are such simple and fun Cookie Chips.
But.... first off... the product packaging is out of this world!!! I love it!
Beautiful colors, looks rich and bold to stand out on the store shelves and in your pantry and home snack corner.

With a fresh delicious vanilla cookie flavor combined with a thin and crunchy chip that melts down in your mouth and give you a burst of satisfaction, and colorful sprinkles to give it that yummy flavor of having a slice of Birthday Cake.
I mean... what a trio punch of explosion in your mouth to enjoy!!!
I'd say it's a good combination of flavors, its a lighter version of Birthday Cake flavor though compared to say a Birthday Cake frosting, but that is a nice thing so the cookie isn't too overpowering of a sweet flavor. 
Sometimes those can be a bit too much.
The sprinkles I enjoyed as they melted nicely, rather than a hard type sprinkle that sometimes, you find in snacks.

You can snack on literally a bag of these if you feel like it or just a bowl full, you don't get sick of them, they are nice on their own or paired with a drink of your choice.
Children and Adults will both enjoy these! 
But I feel they really do make a perfect adult snack as they give a more grown up twist on a typical Birthday Cake snack.

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