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Disney Jasmine Collection By Sephora (Limited Edition/Spring 2013) - Three Wishes Eyeliner Set

Hey Beauties.
Sephora first released a Disney Princess Inspired Collection back late last year and now they are back with a new addition to the family,
Check out the Disney's Jasmine Collection By Sephora, In stores now!
I just purchased everything from the collection at my local Sephora,
So I will be doing Full Collection Product Features for each of the items in this Disney Jasmine Collection.
Starting with today's feature of a overview of what to expect in the coming days!
I haven't been this overly excited for the makeup collection ever!
Aladdin was my favorite movies growing up, I can't even put a exact number to the times I've seen that movie, love everything about it and still to this day have the dolls and merchandise in display at home.
So this makeup collection is already my favorite thing!
I'm so impressed with the stunning, gorgeous, exotic/arabian look and well designed products and their packaging.
I wish they would make a #2 part to the Disney Jasmine Collection because I already have ideas for more products. :)
I have the full collection on display in my bedroom on my bookcase!
It's just the most beautiful collection that deserves it's own display!
Hope you enjoy these features and keep reading.

Details and pricing (in Canadian Currency) below.
Three Wishes Eyeliner Set ($50.00):
Each product from the collection features a quote and for this item the quote is:
"have a wish, or two, or three".

A charming trio for eyes that includes a liquid eyeliner, a gel liner with brush, and a chunky pencil liner. 

What it does:
Flash stunning, seductive eyes with these eyeliners inspired by Jasmine’s always-alluring look. Experiment with the versatile formulas, using the liquid liner for increased drama, the gel-cream liner for ultimate precision, and the chunky, black pencil for an intense, smoky eye. 

This set contains:
- 0.33 oz Liquid eyeliner 
- 0.087 oz Pencil eyeliner 
- 0.19 oz Gel eyeliner 

My 3rd favorite item from the collection, I love my eye liner products, so when I first heard about this one, I knew it was going to be wicked and was so excited to try it out!
It features a Liquid Eyeliner, Pencil Eyeliner and Gel Eyeliner, keep in mind it also includes a collectors favorite "Jasmine Brush".
I do wish they would have released a full Jasmine Brush collection, that would have been so nice to see.
All three eyeliners are great quality and dreamy bold black color!
I love the black and gold packaging!
Liquid Eyeliner is super thin and great for creating that cat eye look, the Pencil Eyeliner is chunky and cute but perfect for creating any look! Lastly the Gel Eyeliner is just amazing, the glass pot is adorable!
This set of three is a great gift to any girl who loves eyeliners. :)

P.S. Keep your eyes out for tomorrow's feature post of another product from the collection and then all week long for the rest!

Disney's Jasmine Collection is available exclusively at Sephora in stores now (March 2013).


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