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SimiSodaPop - Interview With Cory Wade Hindorff (America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Cast Top 3 Finalist)

SimiSodaPop - Interview With Cory Wade Hindorff (America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Cast).
Cory's 23 years old and a fabulous fierce androgynous male from Philadelphia, PA!
He's been my favorite since the start of this cycle!

Hi Cory!
Thanks so much for chatting with me and SimiSodaPop readers today!
First off congratulations on the top three!!
My mom and I wish your the winner because your the cutest and most photogenic! We love you!

1. When did you now that you wanted to pursue modeling?
I am someone who has ALWAYS had interest in SO many different areas of art and performance. Like.. I feel like I've been a model since I've been a singer since I've been an actor since I've been a personality, if that makes sense. I've always known I wanted to pursue it in SOME way shape or form for as long as I can remember.

2. Before ANTM what were you doing?
Before America's Next Top Model I was singing in a Wedding Band, working at a restaurant part-time, and I was a  Drag Queen... Good times, good times.

3. Other than modeling, what are some of your hobbies?
Second to modeling is my love for music. I've always been a singer and so as such, I am working on getting a single produced with a new Band I'm singing in.. "ISHIKI" details will be on my Instagram: @corywadehindorff 

4. Who are some of your favorite models you look up to?
I LOVE Tyra Banks and that is not just me being bias! She really played a major role in building my nerve, my fearlessness, and my confidence long before she even knew I existed. I also LOVE Milla Jovovich, Andej Pejic, and Shawn Ross of course... I draw inspiration from each and every one of them

5. What was the most hardest part of being in the ANTM house?
The hardest part was being away from my boyfriend... Especially when people where hooking up left and right.

6. How did you keep yourself from all the drama that was in the ANTM house?
I was more interested in the competition than I was with the drama. I slipped up with Chris H and I honestly counted that as a character flaw in me for letting any bullshit steer me from my ultimate purpose for being on that show. I was also focused on representing my people well... the proud fems, lol.

7. What challenges or photoshoot done that you felt was difficult for you?
The photo shoots where I was required to appear more masculine where the ultimate worst for me.. especially being such an advocate for free and honest self expression.. it was hard, but I knew I'd have to do it.

8. What was a favorite photoshoot from cycle 20 for you?
Rice Paddies, Rice Paddies, Rice Paddies.. I'd always rather be myself, thank you.

9. What are your goals/dreams in life? 
To inspire fearlessness and to encourage free self expression on an influential level.. and just to be happy. 

10. What can we expect from you with your upcoming work?
You'll have to wait see for what is in store with my modeling, but "ISHIKI" is gonna be pretttty rad, I can promise you that!

11. What is the best advice you have been given?
I remember in the first grade, when I was crying in class after some bullies were giving me trouble during recess and my teacher told me: "Be whatever you have to be." I'll never forget that even though it happened so long ago! 

12. Advice to aspirating models?
Be yourself and LOVE yourself or you're screwed.

I love your replies to all our questions, very honest and we all wish you the best of luck in your upcoming work, looking forward to everything! We'd love to have you come back anytime Cory!

P.S. watch for a special treat on from Cory.. coming soon!

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