Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Love It Perfume: Taj Sunset by ESCADA

Check out the NEW fragrance Taj Sunset by ESCADA.
This is like the perfect fragrance for me, I love the image of India behind it and bottle design.
Exotic, Fun, and Fruity.

It describes itself as (from Sephora.com):
Taj Sunset captures an idyllic moment of dancing barefoot on a picturesque beach in Goa, India: beautiful white sand, palm trees swaying, and a perfumed breeze awakening the senses as the sun begins to set. As the warm, balmy evening descends, soft music floats through the air, easing the assembled groups of colorful international revelers into a night of exotic summer hedonism. The delicate and exotic fruity floral scent opens with a tropical mango note over a creamy base of musk and velvety coconut cream, a contrast that perfectly embodies the adventure and wonder of summer in Goa. 

The flacon’s smooth curves and stainless steel embossed cap exude a sleek, feminine, and contemporary style. Emulating a sunset, the base of the flacon begins with an intense orange hue, which mellows up and through the glass into an exotic a shade of yellow. The bottle is decorated with a stylized representation of the exotic lotus flower. 

Alphonso Mango, Blood Orange, Watery Blossom and Sweet Pomarose Accords, Raspberry, Coconut Cream, Musk, Sandalwood. 
Fruity. Exotic. Smooth.

Be sure to check out this fragrance at your local Beauty Counter.
Be on the lookout soon for more "I Love It Perfume" posts on my favorite fragrances! :)

Photo: www.Sephora.com


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