Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Koda Kumi Releases New Single Album "Hotel" Today (Review)

Hey Everyone!
It's already August 6th in Japan time which makes it the OFFICIAL RELEASE DAY of...
Koda Kumi's brand single album "Hotel".
I have been counting own the days till this release.
Loved the previews and image, summery/fresh, pink and sweet look.
This release contains 6 songs, (1introduction, 3 songs and 2 interludes).

1. Intoduction ~Check IN~
3. Interlude ~Secret Room~
5. Interlude ~Last Night Dream~

I love how it just flows so nicely the album, I wish there were more songs on it because I'm that obsessed with it. Pure Kumi Perfection! :D
The Introduction ~Check IN~ is great at captivating you into the whole theme of Kumi's Hotel at Room 193 the perfect room for the perfect guest.. next up is Hotel the single, I can't get enough of this song, it's going into my very top favorite Kumi songs, so summer fun and fresh plus LOVE her voice and the chorus, can't wait for the full music video (love the dancing!).. next is The Interlude ~Secret Room~ is a club-ish dance/drinks pouring vibe and I adore it, wish there was more to it and her voice added! MONEY IN MY BAG is going to be a hit for sure and sure to attract new Kumi fans, very hip-hop/r&b and a great style to see Kumi doing.. Interlude ~Last Night Dream~ Room Service gets delivered and is another captivating part to this album, unique vibe.. TURN AROUND is a beautiful catchy soft and sweet ballad, I'm looking forward to the music video!
My top favorite song is Hotel for sure! :)
I love everything about this album.
Also the First Press Editions a B2-size poster! = AMAZING!!
BTW.. I'm playing the album while typing this blog. ;)

Check it out at your local music store or purchase it online iTunes here:

Source & Photo: http://rhythmzone.net/koda/index.html


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