Monday, September 29, 2014

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Look Sharp Pencil Sharpener

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Look Sharp Pencil Sharpener.
Been looking for a new and good quality pencil sharpener and I've found it!
This one comes in two cute shades black or pink, keeps your pencils sharp and smooth, no breakage and cracking with your pencils which is PERFECT!
Love the sharpness of the blades, the lid which keeps mess tucked away and great for a few sizes of pencils!

It describes itself as (from
What it is: 
A professional-grade pencil sharpener perfectly suited for a multitude of pencil sizes and types. 

What it does: 
This dual sharpener is perfectly designed to provide a precise, centered tip for a multitude of pencils including eye, lip, and concealer. The high-grade, German stainless steel blades give a foolproof finish to all pencils, from the softest to hardest leads. A tightly fitting removable lid eliminates mess and shavings in your cosmetic bag, and the 10mm adapter allows the sharpener to be used with different sized pencils. A removable plastic pick tucked neatly into the body of this sharpener helps to dislodge the toughest pieces of shavings and lead from the blade for easy cleaning and precision sharpening every time.

FTC: Product provided by Sephora.


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