Monday, March 2, 2015

Overwaitea - Old Fashioned Vanilla Cream Soda - 100th Year Birthday Celebration!

Hello Readers!
I picked up this new release Old Fashioned Vanilla Cream Soda it's tied in with their 100th Year Birthday Celebration 1915 - 2015!
I LOVE to find healthier options for a fun treat Vanilla Cream Soda, and this is it!
It's made with Cane Sugar and is a light refreshing vanilla bubbly soda beverage, that tastes way more better for you than so many other soda's on the market (with it's simple ingredients).
I also liked that it doesn't have that attacking you teeth feel, which is a peeve of mine with beverages, so this one is such a love for me!
This is sure to be a hit among all ages, great addition for a movie night!
Be sure to grab a case (or two or three) before their gone! :)


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