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I Love It Forever: The Little Black Book of Bronzers

Hey Beauties.
This next product is is new product for the Spring/Summer 2015.
Too Faced The Little Black Book of Bronzers.
The only little black book you'll need this summer!... Heaven!
This Book features 8 Travel-Friendly Bronzers.

I LOVE this product, it's so cute and colorful (love the little artwork designs).
All the colors have such a beautiful rich pigmentation and SUPER nice quality, it is so great!
Pure colors that wear well, blend smoothly and luxuriously, with an airbrushed finish.
Convenient, fun to use, good value.
Makes a wicked gift for your friends!

Milk Chocolate Soleil - Light/Medium Matte Bronzer:
This is a sweet irresistibly delicious matte Milk Chocolate shade.
Blends seamlessly and is perfect for everyday contouring!
Paraben Free formula.
I love the antioxidant-rich cocoa powder, it smells so perfect!

Chocolate Soleil - Medium/Deep Matte Bronzer:
I just have so much to say about this one! It's my favorite!
Beautiful warm Medium/Deep Brown color, applies so nice and smooth creates a natural bronzed look, a fabulous matte bronzer and works so well with contouring (because of the no shimmer)!
Paraben Free formula.
Such a sweet bronzing product, I love the antioxidant-rich cocoa powder, it smells so perfect!

Snow Bunny - Luminous Bronzer:
One of the most beautiful illuminating powders EVER!
Features a golden bronze/delicate pink/white/fawn glimmer.
It's said to give a fresh-off-the-mountain shades give you a perfect winter glow without leaving the lodge.
Paraben Free formula.
Plus isn't the name Snow Bunny just the cutest thing EVER?!

Dark Chocolate Soleil - Deep/Tan Matte Bronzer:
This is similar to the Chocolate Soleil, but is a richer, deeper matte bronze shade.
It's shimmer free (which is the best!) and is great for more sculpted contouring, which achieves a more dramatic, deep matte bronzed look.
Paraben Free formula.
I love the antioxidant-rich cocoa powder, it smells so perfect!

Pink Leopard - Blushing Bronzer:
This is a such a sexy blush/bronzer/highlighter.
I'm obsessed with the design.
It's a GORGEOUS bronze with golden pink shimmer (golden bronze, glided pink and neutral fawn with slight shimmer).
Creates a sun-kissed glow that is just so captivating!

Beach Bunny - Deep Illuminating Bronzer:
Be a Beach Bunny with this playful combination of four rich shades bronze/soft peach/golden ivory
Paraben Free formula.
Sun-Kissed Bronzers and shimmery tones.
Perfect for all skin tones, can be used to shape, contour or just for a summery-glow.

Endless Summer - 16-Hour Long-Wear:
This is some SERIOUS Long-Wear Bronzer.
Summer-suitable glow, natural shade with a pretty subtile shimmer.
Builds nicely, and applies so well.
Paraben Free formula.
Double Bond Formula combines the staying power of film formers and polymers with prolonged wear pigments.

Sun Bunny - Natural Bronzer:
This duo of shades are so FABULOUS, satin suntan/rich satin bronze.
Natural tan with pink undertones keeps it looking natural and gorgeous.
Beautiful and applies smoothly, it really boosts your complexion.
Paraben Free formula.
Perfect for all skin tones, can be used to shape, contour or just for a rich-glow.

It describes itself as (from
The Little Black Book of Bronzers is a limited-edition, petite-sized collection of eight unique, iconic bronzers—including our new Dark Chocolate Soleil! We created this ultimate bronzing wardrobe to give you a bronzer for every outfit, mood and moment. This coveted collection is hand-illustrated, featuring an exclusive bronzer story for every day of the week.

Too Faced has the largest and best bronzing assortment in the biz. We utilize the most advanced technology to create beautiful, natural-looking and good-for-you bronzers in every finish, for every season, and any occasion.

Chocolate Soleil: Antioxidant-rich, cocoa powder-infused matte bronzer that works on all skin tones, perfect for everyday contouring and creating an all-over deep tan.
Milk Chocolate Soleil: A lighter version of Chocolate Soleil that creates a more subtle, all-over warmth, perfect for those with lighter skin tones.
NEW Dark Chocolate Soleil: A darker version of Chocolate Soleil that’s perfect for more sculpted contouring, creating a more dramatic, deep matte bronzed look.
Snow Bunny: Four luminous shades blend together for just the right amount of sun-kissed, natural radiance.
Pink Leopard: Trio of skin-brightening and bronzing pigments that combine for a glorious all-over glow.
Beach Bunny: Custom-blend bronzer combines four sun kissed shades for a skin perfecting, summertime tan any time of year.
Endless Summer: Stay all day universal bronzer creates a lit-from-within bronzed glow that lasts 16-hours or more.
Sun Bunny: Original bronzer features slight pink undertone in the dual shade palette that mimics the flush of a real tan.
8 Bronzers each Net Wt. 2.5 g / 0.08 Oz. Total Net Wt. 17.5 g / 0.56 Oz.
Paraben Free
Gluten Free

You can check out Too Faced on their links below:

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