Monday, October 5, 2015

Health Minute: IÖGO - Smoothie - Mango - Cultured Dairy Milk

Hey Lovelies.
This is the IÖGO Smoothie Mango.
It's a Cultured Dairy Milk.
This is a new product and they released two flavors the other one is Strawberry Raspberry.
Smoothie with Live Yogurt Cultures, made with real fruit.
It's better thank a drinkable yogurt, it's a mix of a drinkable yogurt and a smoothie, SO SUPER Velvety SMOOTH and Rich CREAMY Texture.
I love this Mango one, it's super rich in flavor, tastes homemade fresh, sweet and refreshing.

High in Calcium and Vitamin D
6 essential nutrients, Natural goodness
Made with fresh milk and real fruit.

0,5% milk fat
No artificial colours
No artificial flavours
Gelatin free

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