Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lucerne - Egg Nog - light - Ice Cream - Limited Edition

Hello Readers!
I picked up this release Lucerne Egg Nog light Ice Cream Limited Edition.
This Limited Edition flavor is a Delicious Egg Nog Flavoured Ice Cream made with Traditional Holiday Spices.
If you've had the Lucerne Holiday Egg Nog in the Red Packaging Carton then you will love this Ice Cream because it's JUST like a FROZEN VERSION of it = FROZEN EGG NOG.
SUPER YUMMY AND Spiced SO NICE, it's light and creamy, you'll be in LOVE.
Perfect for the Holidays.
My brother wants to stock up on this product for around the year, before they go away, he says it's that GOOD.
Hey (Can you make a VEGAN Version for me LUCERNE?!). :)


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