Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Health Minute: Deep Foods - 8 Mendu Vada - Crispy Golden Lentil Fritters

Hey Dolls.
Here we have today Deep Foods 8 Mendu Vada Crispy Golden Lentil Fritters.

Non Onion or Garlic.
Recipes of Udupi South Indian Vegetarian Cusine.

These are super delicious, look like a donut, very cute!
Crispy Golden Fritters (good texture) made from Urad Dal and spices, it's not spicy but has a nice flavor.
Goes great with buttermilk, sauce or a dish of Sambhar!
Makes a good quick and easy meal.
Also great little smart resealable packaging bag they come in.

You can check out Deep Foods on their links below:


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