Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hampton Creek - Reveals 43 New Products

Hey Lovelies.
Hampton Creek Reveals 43 New Products.
This vegan company has really made many peoples day as the list is amazing and exciting!
Canadian's I believe will have to order online from their favorite natural foods websites as the items will first release in the USA Target & Walmart's.
Cannot wait to grab them up, they set to release them by the end of the year but already popping up in locations!
Everything from: Mayo, Dressing, Cookie Dough, Cookies, Dessert Mixes, Breakfast Mixes, Scramble.
Also visit VegNews for a link of a exclusive PDF! (download the entire list of Hampton Creek products).

Information (from: vegnews.com):
Here is the complete list of Hampton Creek products now available or coming soon to a store near you.
Vegan Mayonnaise
Just Mayo
Just Mayo Awesomesauce
Just Mayo Chipotle
Just May Garlic
Just Mayo Light
Just Mayo Sesame Ginger
Just Mayo Sriracha
Just Mayo Truffle
Just Mayo Wasabi
Vegan Salad Dressings
Just Balsamic
Just Caesar
Just French
Just Goddess
Just Italian Light
Just Miso Yuzu
Just Ranch
Just Ranch Light
Just Raspberry
Just Sesame
Just Sweet Mustard
Just Thousand
Just Wild West
Vegan Cookie Dough
Just Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chip
Just Cookie Dough, Chocolate Hazelnut
Just Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter
Vegan Cookies
Just Cookies, Chocolate Chip
Just Cookies, Chocolate Chunk
Just Cookies, Double Chocolate Espresso
Just Cookies, Lemon Snickerdoodle
Just Cookies, Maple Banana Nut
Just Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin
Just Cookies, Peanut Butter
Just Cookies, Sugar
Just Cookies, Whole Grain, Chocolate Chip
Just Cookies, Whole Grain, Double Chocolate Dip
Just Cookies, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Just Cookies, Whole Grain, Rainbow Chip
Vegan Cake Mixes
Just Cake, Carrot
Just Cake, Chocolate
Just Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie
Just Cake, Coffee Crumble
Just Cake, Devil’s Food
Just Cake, Key Lime
Just Cake, Pound
Just Cake, Vanilla
Just Cake, White
Just Cake, Yellow
Just Coffee Cake, Cinnamon Roll
Vegan Breakfast Mixes
Just Muffins, Basic
Just Muffins, Blueberry
Just Muffins, Chocolate Chip
Just Muffins, Cinnamon Bran
Just Muffins, Corn
Just Muffins, Low-Fat
Just Muffins, Whole Grain
Vegan Dessert Mixes
Just Brownies, Chocolate
Just Brownies, Mocha
Vegan Breakfast Mixes
Just Pancakes, Banana Bread
Just Pancakes, Birthday Cake
Just Pancakes, Classic
Just Pancakes, Lemon Blueberry
Just Pancakes, Multigrain
Just Pancakes, Lemon Blueberry
Just Scramble

Photo: www.facebook.com/hamptoncreek
Source: www.vegnews.com


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