Saturday, March 4, 2017

New Vegan/Vegetarian Dating App!

Tinder-style dating app but for vegans and vegetarians!
I think it's a very smart idea because finding someone with your shared diet is amazing.

This dating application called Veg was released last month in the Apple App store.
Read a little about it below:

App Veg allows you to meet singles who enjoy a healthy lifestyle, eating vegetarian food, vegan food, organic food, GMO free food, organic raw food, whole foods, plant based foods, and GMO free raw food. If you are ready to find love and friendships, all you need to do is to download App Veg today! 

Who Can Use App Veg?

App Veg is designed for vegans who are looking for friendships, love, romance or marriage. Vegetarians eat no animal products and for them, being a vegan is an important part of their life. App Veg is not only for vegans. It is also for aspiring vegans or those who are interested in becoming a vegetarian and want to meet others who will help them make the transition easier and more enjoyable. 

Unlike other dating apps, Veg is the cheapest vegan dating app with no ads on it. Unlike Tinder, Match, OKcupid and other social apps, App Veg only caters to veg and pure veg people, who are enjoying their vegan diet with vegetarian, vegan recipes, whole foods, vegan restaurants, veggie burger, vegan brownies and so on. You can initiate online message chatting with any member you like on Veg, just like Tinder, Facebook, OKcupid, Match...


1. Easy Registration

Joining App Veg is easy. You can use your Facebook account and register with your email address. 

2. Search Option

App Veg has a search option that allows you to find vegan singles that are looking for love, friendships and relationships. With the search option, you can look for singles by age, gender, likes, interests and other categories. Just enter the keyword and you can find the singles who meet your preferences. 

3. 100% Free
App Veg is free to download. Unlike other social Apps (like Match, Tinder, Bumble...), you don’t need to worry about hidden fees. 

4. Find Your Match 

App Veg allows you to find your match. You can swipe right to say Yes and swipe left to say No to other members. If you both say yes to each other, you’re a match. 

5. Message

Send messages to other members anytime, anywhere. You can also receive messages and respond to them. 

6. Moment 

Share your photos and moments with other vegan singles. The app also allows you to view the profiles and photos of other members. Here you can check what others' vegan diet, vegan recipes, and popular vegan restaurants...

7. Report/ Block 
You can block or block someone you don’t like. With this feature, you can control who can and cannot view your profile and profiles. Your privacy is maintained and you can enjoy using the app without any nuisance. 

8. Connections

App Veg allows you to check who visited, liked and winked at you. This way, you can like their photos and send them winks as well. 

App Veg is perfect for vegetarians and aspiring vegans who want to meet other vegetarians who are interested in love and friendships. You can meet, flirt as well as chat with other vegans with this app. App Veg is free, so you can use the features of the app without spending anything. The app allows you to view the profiles of other members and like their photos. 

You can also send winks as well as messages to get to know them better. With the features of the app, you can communicate with other members regardless of your location and the time. Make sure to upload interesting photos and describe your profile in an interesting manner to capture the attention of other members. What are you waiting for? Download App Veg now!

You need to be at least 18 years old to use the app.

Information: iTunes


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