Sunday, July 29, 2018

HoliDrink Corporation - Original - Local Brand - Canadian

Hey Lovelies. 🙋🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️
Here we have a local 🇨🇦 brand called HoliDrink Corporation.
This is their Original. 💛💛💛
They have a selection of flavors to their collection and this is the one I’ve been loving 😻😁🤤. This flavor contains: Pure Canadian honey, fresh lime juice and water.😻🙌🏼 Literally three ingredients!!
Refreshing, simple and like a healthy twist on a limeade! 😋😋😛 Also I like the cute packaging 🎀🙌🏼 Here’s some words from the brand✨:
HoliDrink was developed by Benny Lee in Vancouver Canada in 2010. The reason Benny created his own healthy drink, was because he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (and he had so much negative side effects from taking diabetic drugs, eg diarrhea, bloated stomach, etc) and he then had 2 colorectal cancer operations. Consequently Benny did a lot of studies and realized that all his illnesses were caused by his diet and lifestyle, while medications and operations mostly just treat the symptoms but not the causes of the problems, at the same time also gave him many negative side effects. 
So Benny was determined to find alternative and natural solutions to reverse his illnesses and improve his health, that he did lots of researches and made many experiments, and found that pure honey, lime, ginger, chilli, blackberry, blueberry and kelp, are such powerful natural ingredients/remedies, hence he invented HoliDrink's Original, Holi EH, HoliBlack, HoliBlue and HoliKelp using such well known healthy ingredients.


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