Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Caramel Corn Hinamatsuri Peach Flavor - Japan

Caramel Corn Hinamatsuri Peach Flavor - Japan.

We’re celebrating Girl’s Day (3/3) with light & crunchy Caramel Corn! 
Inside the cool Girl’s Day packaging,
you’ll find pink and white snacks made
with 100% Japan grown peaches.

First up I absolutely love the product packaging it’s stunning and eye catching, pink and pretty perfect for Girl’s Day.
Girl’s Day in Japan is also called Doll Festival and it’s: to wish and pray for the health and future happiness for all the young girls.

I knew I’d love the texture of this snack because I’ve had another flavor of them previously, this one is Peach flavor and I was super excited to try it! Oh my goodness!!!
I adore how you get so many in the bag it’s really well filled up, okay now the texture, it’s a corn puff that melts in your mouth in a few seconds with a bold beautiful flavor of peach! 
Made with 100% Japan grown peaches!!!
Beautiful White and Pink corn puffs!
Incredibly yummy and addictive a must try and repurchase.


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