Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Swimsuits - My FAVORITES FOR FEBRUARY 2011! #1

Hi Everyone,
So i have been looking for some new swimsuits for this year, and i have been finding some cute ones,
I have to make a post on these 3 sexy swimsuits from Victorias Secret.
I cannot wait to wear these swimsuits,
and hope you all love them too!

1st look:

A very gorgeously sexy look by the brand:
Beach Sexy,
Beach Sexy - Ombre Sequin Triangle Top
Beach Sexy - String Bottom - in the color white

2nd Look:

I love this swimsuit, i love that little anchor detail on the top, i just think its so super cute & fun!
These are the items for this look:
Beach Sexy Nautical Bandeau Top -  With the White Anchor Yellow Design
Beach Sexy String Bottoms - color White anchor yellow Design

3rd Look:

I think this one is perfect for Valentines Day time if you live in a hot area,
this would be a great cute look for Vday time!
I love it because is very simple but cute and it has hearts!
The items are:
Despi Heart Bandeau Top
Despi Heart Low-rise Bottom

Hope you enjoy this post and ill be having more posts coming soon with more cute swimsuits from great brands!
So keep your eyes out for that coming soon! <3
Links to see more info & to purchase these are included below:

1st Look:

2nd Look:

3rd Look:

Pictures from the Brand Victorias Secret

FTC Disclaimer:
All opinions are my own.


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