Wednesday, November 30, 2011

jyA-Me Releases Her Debut Album "Luv.Me" (Review)

Hey Beauties!
I have a really lovely fun new album from Jpop singer "jyA-Me to tell you about.
Today is the release day of jyA-Me's debut album titled "Luv.Me".
Her name is (pronounced “Yammy”) in english.
Her music is blowing up the music charts & I love it!
This album "Luv.Me" contains 11 songs, all about her want of love. The album comes with a DVD featuring the PV for “Love me ~Mou nakanai kara~ feat. CLIFF EDGE”, as well as a dance performance video of "Are you ready!?".
I'm OBSESSED with this new album of her's. I LOVE "Are you ready!?". The whole album is filled with both soft songs and a few more upbeat tunes.
Perfect beautiful voice and it will DEFINITELY be one of the top most played albums in this December month!! :)
I hope you all check it out too.
Check out jyA-Me’s track list and short PV previews below..

Track List :
1. Love me ~Mou nakanaikara ~feat. CLIFF EDGE
2. Zutto Tonaru…
3. Are you ready!? ~interlude~
5. Feel the beat feat. WISE
6. dump!!
7. Dear my friend with CHiE
8. Kimi dake ni song for…

Bonus Tracks:
9. The Pary Up! peace jyA-Me / Clench & Blistah
10. KIRAKIRA☆LADY feat. Lisa Halim, jyA-Me / Sweet Licious
11. Time goes by… feat. jyA-Me / CLIFF EDGE

1. Are you ready!? ~interlude~
2. Love me ~Mou nakanaikara ~feat. CLIFF EDGE

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