Monday, November 14, 2011

My Love For... Starbucks Holiday Products, Versace For H&M, Aqua & Lenka's Album

Hi my beautiful people!
I felt like making a "My Love For..." posts today.
So I have been loving some fun items lately and wanted to share with you all.
The first is "Starbucks Holiday Products", I LOVE it when Starbucks releases the Fall time and Winter time products, right now I'm LOVING the Gingerbread Latte so much!
Why don't they sell it year-round? PLEASE??!! ha.
I have also been adoring and keep looking over the gorgeous pieces for the Versace for H&M collection, the items all look so amazing and eye catching as usual for Versace pieces. So i've been counting down till the day of the release to stock up on a bunch of pieces for myself. LOVE the Scarves & Bracelet!!
For music lately I have been addicted to listening to old pop music that I loved as a kid, one of my top favorites was Aqua and I have been rockin' their 1st album "Aquarium".. come on who remembers "Barbie Girl".. haha. LOVE IT! I forgot how unique and catchy their music is!!
Also I have been addicted to the lovely australian singer "Lenka" and her 2nd album titled "Two" which was released in April of this year.. I love to put her music on and do work or baking, it's so peaceful and soft and super lovely, very catchy tunes.
Well that completes this post for now, but I know I'll be having more posts like this soon.. as the holidays bring out so many of my favorite things!


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