Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Disney's Jasmine Collection Is Coming Exclusively To Sephora

Hey Dolls!
Aladdin was like my all time favorite movie when I was younger, I can't even put a number on the times I've seen it!
So when this collection was announced, you can imagine how excited I was! :D
Princess Jasmine from Aladdin is the latest Disney princess to get a beauty line!
Following Sephora’s first Disney collaboration for a Cinderella-inspired line,
Disney's Jasmine Collection will be available exclusively at Sephora this spring.

Get a sneak peek at Sephora’s new Disney Jasmine collection & check out the "Disney's Jasmine is Coming Exclusively to Sephora" video that was just uploaded on Sephora's youtube channel.

P.S. Be sure to be on the lookout on SimiSodaPop to see full collection features on all the products from the Disney's Jasmine by Sephora.


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