Monday, December 9, 2013

Simi's - Holiday Treats! - Food Article for Winter 2013

Hey Dolls!
Here is a another Food Article for Winter 2013 called Holiday Treats! I created for you since you enjoyed the first one so much! :)

Holiday Treats!
By Simi Gurm

Celestial Seasonings Holiday Tea: ($3.00/most grocery stores)
I've been a fan of these holiday teas now from years, a nice assortment of flavors, one to suit each member of your family! Candy Cane Lane, Gingerbread Spice, Nutcracker Sweet, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, Sugar Plum Spice and Sweet Harvest Pumpkin.

Cadbury Mini Eggs: ($6.00 for 400g/
I get these each year, they are in fun christmas colors and perfect for the holiday candy dish at your party! Milk Chocolate, so yummy!

Theo Chocolate Limited Edition Holiday Bars: ($3.99/most grocery stores)
I love all four of the holiday flavors! A great variety of Organic Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. Coconut Mint (my favorite!), Gingerbread Spice, Nutcracker Brittle and Peppermint Stick.

Enjoy Life Foods Soft Baked Cookies Gingerbread Spice:($3.99/most grocery stores)
Been a favorite from years, these cookies are soft baked, perfectly spiced, sweetened with fruit juice and brown sugar. Great paired with your holiday cup of tea. :)

Nature's Path Love Crunch Gingerbread: ($3.99/Whole Foods Market)
A Organic Granola, with bold ginger, warming molasses and perfect Holiday spices!

Hershey's Almondillos: ($3.99/
Since I was little these have been my favorite chocolate for the holidays, Crunchy almonds with a heavenly caramel in a smooth milk chocolate. I've ate a box of these easily in two day's.. shhh.. don't tell, they are that good!

Earth's Own Almond Fresh Noel Nog: ($3.48/superstore)
If you miss Egg nog now that your a vegetarian or just want a fun new twist to the holiday classic, try this take Noel Nog, it's a tasty and nutritious fortified almond beverage! It's both dairy and egg free, I love it!

Lindt Milk Chocolate Mini Balls with Double Milk: ($2.69/
Milk Chocolate with a milky filling, these chocolates are a fun addition for a stocking stuffer treat.

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