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Health Minute: FreeYumm - Allergen-Friendly Treats - Chocolate Ganache Mini Cakes, Honey Apple Oat Bars, and Chocolate Brownie Bites - Free of Milk (All Dairy), Peanuts, Eggs, Wheat, Barley & Rye, Soy, TreeNuts, Sesame, Seafood, Sulphites

Hey My Lovely Readers.
Check out this nice local and new brand called FreeYumm.
Baking their treats at their bakery in North Vancouver.
They have three products out so far and I tried them all.
Chocolate Ganache Mini Cakes, Honey Apple Oat Bars, and Chocolate Brownie Bites.
Ok first lets talk about the packaging,
It's sure to capture you while your grocery shopping!
I like the logo is very cute.
I also like the Creator Sarah's beliefs and thoughts on her brand image. (read her note on the freeyumm site).

Chocolate Ganache Mini Cakes are a soft moist and bite sized treat, their flavor is of rice, oat and cocoa with the beautiful and yummy chocolate ganache on top. Complete with nice organic fair trade chocolate, and it has a lightly sweet flavor of organic non-GMO agave syrup and coconut palm sugar.

Chocolate Brownie Bites are a soft moist and bite sized treat, their flavor is of rice, oat and cocoa.
I really liked these brownies, they are tasty little irresistible treat that is fun to indulge in.
With organic, fair trade cocoa and pure vanilla extract, these are healthy than your typical brownie you see at a bakery!

I like that both the Chocolate Ganache Mini Cakes and Chocolate Brownie Bites are not sticky and don't get all in your teeth like some chocolate bakery items.
Also they are not those heavy sugary treats that you feel a little naughty after eating, they feel like they are homemade with a good choice of healthier options for ingredients.
Adults and Children will love these!
Perfect as you can serve these at your next event, party, or just have a couple with a tea or coffee they pair great with!
I would love to see more flavors for these such as Raspberry, Blueberry, Orange or Banana, that would be nice, the cocoa mixed with a fruity flavor would be wicked!

Honey Apple Oat Bars, can I sign up for year's supply of these?!
I love them, my favorite of the three.
This will be my new morning favorite with my cup of tea, nice for on the go energy too!
The scent of them is heavenly, bright and a freshly baked scent of Honey, Apple and Oats.
It's a soft bar made with whole grain oats, organic apples, sunflower seeds, vanilla and cinnamon, you get a burst of those flavors and it's divine!
I hope they come out with more flavors for these, that would be fun to see!

It describes itself as (from
Our Chocolate Ganache Mini Cakes were created for those moments when you need a double-dose of organic, fair trade, chocolatey goodness. They make a great dessert whether you’re on-the-go, or in the mood for something special at home.
Mound them on a plate for a tower of chocolatey fun; serve them with fresh fruit and mint for a more sophisticated dessert; or just pop one in your mouth whenever the mood strikes. Made with organic, fair trade chocolate and sweetened with organic, non-GMO agave syrup and coconut palm sugar, these tiny morsels pack a wonderful surprise: a rich, chocolate ganache centre! Yumm yumm yumm!

Honey Apple Oat Bars
A delicious combination of whole grain rolled oats, organic apples, sunflower seeds, vanilla and cinnamon blended with pure maple syrup and honey, our Honey Apple Oat Bars were created to satisfy all your cravings. A wholesome snack for your little ones at recess, or a quick and convenient boost for you on-the-go, these allergen-free bars give you lasting energy, and you’ll love the taste, too!

Chocolate Brownie Bites
Can’t resist a classic bite-sized brownie? You shouldn’t have to. We pack our Chocolate Brownie Bites with extra brownie goodness just for you, with organic, fair trade cocoa and pure vanilla extract.
We sweeten them with organic, non-GMO agave syrup and coconut palm sugar, and they’re always free of the top ten priority allergens. Feel free to throw them into lunch boxes, bring them along for a mid-day energy boost, and indulge your chocolate tooth.

P.S. Visit FreeYumm at the Gluten Free Expo this weekend:

When: January 17-18, 2015, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Where: Vancouver Convention Center, East @ 999 Canada Place

You can check out FreeYumm on their links below:

FTC: Products Provided by FreeYumm


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