Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Maharaja Catering Ltd - Restaurant/Sweets/Takeout/Catering/Banquet - Sweets & Aloo Tikki's - Local Restaurant from Surrey B.C.

Hello Everyone.
Today I have some items from Surrey.
It's from a nice place called Maharaja Catering Ltd.
They were friendly, which is always nice to see for a restaurant.
If I feel like getting some indian treats instead of cooking for the night or have some events or guests last minute, I like to find a nice place to go to, and I liked what I found at Maharaja they are the next best thing.
I ordered some Aloo Tikki's and some Sweets.
The Aloo Tikki's tasted very homemade like, with real and truthful ingredients, contains some green peas, healthier than the typical Tikki. I enjoyed them. Goes good with a Chutney or Hot Sauce.
The Sweets: The Besan Burfi was one of my top two favorites along with the Besan Laddu, very flavorful and sweet.
The Kaju Rolls were nice, contains soft Cashew and Pistachio's.
Milk Cakes were nice, extra sweet and tangy.
You must try them sometime!

Maharaja Catering Ltd.
Maharaja Sweets and Restaurant

Payal Business Centre
#407, 8148 - 128 Street
Surrey, BC

Tel: 604.592.3002

So be sure to check out their website below to check out their products:


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