Sunday, October 21, 2012

HyunA Releases New Mini-Album "Melting" Today (Review)

Hey Dolls!
HyunA's new mini-album titled "Melting" has been released today!
It features 5 songs:
* Don’t Fall Apart - Good upbeat intro song, love her vibe in this song!
* Ice Cream ft. Maboos - Sexy fun and fresh, beat is sick!! looking forward to the music video.
* Unripe Apple ft. BTOB’s Ilhoon - Light playful and very catchy lyrics/sound.
* To My Boyfriend - Very soft and sweet song.
* Very Hot - Electro sound, "very hot.. very very hot" this song is sure to stick in your head. HyunA's vibe is very hot in this track! :)

Be sure to check out this album starting today!
Although it's a very tiny album with only 5 songs, they are a great few.
It will be a fall/winter favorite album for sure. :)
I like the album cover art, it's very "Ice Cream Melting like" haha!
I can't choose a favorite, because they all are amazing! So I'll list the tracks in order of my favorites first.. "Ice Cream ft. Maboos", "Unripe Apple ft. BTOB’s Ilhoon", "Very Hot", "Don't Fall Apart", & "To My Boyfriend".

Btw: While typing this blog, i've been listening to this album all day!
Also you can see the Teaser for the "Ice Cream" music video below:

Check out "Melting" at your local music store or it also should hit iTunes soon.


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