Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fruttare - Mango Frozen Dessert Bars (New)

Fruttare - Mango Frozen Dessert Bars (New).
A brand new product on the market, these Fruttare frozen dessert bars are made with the goodness of fruit and jaw-droppingly delicious!
With so many flavors to choose from each one is invidually amazing!
The Coconut and Milk one is my favorite, and these one is close in tie with my favorite.
So tasty, you'll want to eat 2 or three!
It looks and tastes just like fresh peeled mango fruit.
I cannot think of any other frozen dessert bar that is this mango-deliciously good!
It's really pure and natural!
Also only 60 calories per bar.

Check out more flavors of Fruttare Frozen Dessert Bars at:


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