Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Daddy Yankee Releases The Cover Art For "KING DADDY DADDY YANKEE + LOS DE LA NAZZA" Mixtape

Hey Everyone!
Finally a little more information has just been released on Daddy Yankee's facebook page about his upcoming mixtape.
There has been a few Cover Art released but this looks like the official final one! for "KING DADDY DADDY YANKEE + LOS DE LA NAZZA" mixtape.

Daddy Yankee posts:
"KING DADDY es la fundación y raíz del género. 
KING DADDY es una influencia para millones en su estilo de vida.
KING DADDY es un mogul.
KING DADDY es un poder imperial hecho música. 
KING DADDY es un movimiento real.
KING DADDY es el mayor exponente a nivel mundial."

SO excited and counting down the days till this new release.
I'm obsessed with all the Imperio Nazza albums and this one will be sure to be my favorite! :)

Photo: www.facebook.com/daddyyankee


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