Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NEW ghd wonderland collection

Hi Dolls.
Look at these gorgeous new ghd wonderland collection.
Isn't it just divine, so perfect for the winter!

You can choose from three:
ghd wonderland deluxe kit
ghd V wonderland styler gift set
ghd air wonderland hair dryer

(Info from newsletter):
do you believe in magic?
The enchanting limited edition ghd wonderland collection shines in a spectrum of cool blue, lilac and teal shades and with its iridescent finish, magically changes colour depending on the light. Choose from a ghd wonderland styler gift set, a ghd air™ hairdryer gift set and a ghd wonderland deluxe kit. Whichever you choose, each wonderland gift will be all wrapped up in beautiful holographic gift box. Simply wonderful!

The ghd wonderland collection is now available in the finest salons and

Check out ghd on their Official site here.

Photo: ghd email newsletter


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