Friday, May 23, 2014

Marcelle - Revival Pro-Sculpt Day Care

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Today's feature is Marcelle Revival Pro-Sculpt Day Care.

It describes itself as (from
Marcelle now introduces Revival Pro-Sculpt, with the latest technologies developed for mature skin, with 2 new benefits; a re-sculpting action and with Vederine, which acts like Vitamin D for your skin.

Reinforces the skin’s detoxification process while the skin naturally regenerates. Leaves the skin perfectly hydrated, smooth and supple in the morning.

- Plumps skin
- Improves density, firmness and elasticity of the skin
- Smoothes the appearance of even deep wrinkles
- Refines the contours of the face
- Regenerates and deeply moisturizes the skin
- Combats effects resulting from hormonal changes and environmental factors
- Increases skin thickness
- Acts like vitamin D for skin without UV exposure
- Fights against skin sagging and improves resistance to gravity

Marcelle - Revival Pro-Sculpt Day Care:
Add this to your daily skin care, the day care is perfect for mature skin and adds hydration, soothes and the name revival is a great description of what it does!
A anti-aging + anti-sagging product, that is said to have the same benefits of Vitamin D (thats amazing!) resculpt, redensify, and replump.

Hypo Allergenic, 100& Perfume Free, and 100% Paraben Free.

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