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Miss Aura by SWAROVSKI - Fragrance For Women

Miss Aura by SWAROVSKI is a Fragrance For Women.
This is a captivating and beautiful fragrance.
I love the concept and whole image that it represents.
Perfect for Bright Strong Young Women, I love it's Floral and Fruity fragrance.
The bottle design is so pretty, the butterfly print and jewel adds the perfect touch!
This fragrance makes a great gift for your girlfriends for the Spring/Summer.

Read the Official Press Release Below:
Miss Aura by SWAROVSKI
The good luck fragrance
2013 - Two years after the launch of the first Swarovski fragrance, Aura by Swarovski, the House of Swarovski launches Miss Aura, an eau de toilette as radiant as a smile.

Swarovski, the alchemist, has cut and facetted crystal for over 100 years, Thanks to it's secret know-how, handed down from one generation to the next, this creative House had given life to substance, infusing it with incomparable sparkle. Transforming crystal into adornments of light, Swarovski enhances women with even more passion and emotion.

The butterfly, and allegory of femininity and the ultimate symbol of transformation, fits perfectly into the legend of the visionary craftsman. It serves as a guide for the "Wings of Poetry" collection, a collection of talisman-jewelry inspired by and fashioned after butterfly wings. Like the butterfly, crystal brings to mind a change of state, an eminently positive and radiant movement towards flight, color and beauty.

Today, Swarovski fragrances draw inspiration from the butterfly to create Miss Aura, the good luck fragrance for young women who are spreading their wings.

Miss Aura, your aura is your luck
Ready to leap into life, young women believe in their dreams. They want to surround themselves with talismans and other charms: delicate and reassuring symbols that they feel bring them luck. They know that these objects will help them in their choices to move towards a happy future.

Miss Aura is the fragrance of an evanescent, graceful and joyful young woman who facinates and enthralls those around her. She glows, swept up in a whirlwind of new emotions. Life is open to her, like a promise of happiness. She smiles at life, which smiles back at her. Luck turns... and swirls around her.

Her secret? The young lady has an invisible and yet delicious perceptible talisman: her aura, her fragrance, protected within a bottle decorated with a myriad of butterflies taking flight. Legend has it that for a dream to come true, you must whisper it to a butterfly, which carries the wish up to the sky for it to come true.

These winged messengers have gathered some good luck nectar" a drop on the skin promises the bring luck and beauty. Conceived by butterflies that collected the essence of the most beautiful flowers, this luminous fragrance created an aura of jot and pleasure around the young women who wears it. Enhanced by delicate and cheerful notes, she glows with confidant and serene femininity, believing in her good fortune and embracing those who cross her path into a whirl of happiness.

The charm of Miss Aura works its magic in the shadow of a luminous fragrances, Your aura is your ultimate good luck charm.

Perfume and butterflies:
two symbols of luck, two inspiring good luck charms
Throughout history, men have provoked good fortune by creating talismans to wear, items that were said to offer protection and lick: amulets in the form of insects and animals, statuettes of gods and goddesses. These symbols seem to establish a connection and benefit from the powers of another world. The first talismans were pieces of stone or metal whose shape or unusual color might suggest magical powers. Stone, object, gesture, animal, flower or color... while their meaning varies from country to country, good luck charms are universal.

Like the butterfly, perfume evokes the want to fulfill our desires. From the start, scent was considered to bring luck and positive energy; chosen to allow men and women to rise up toward something that surpassed their humanity, to establish communication with a superior order capable of granting their wishes. Perfume lead to all transformations, towards eternal life and all that is most elevated... like the butterfly, the ultimate symbol of transformation.

Today, the butterfly remains at the center of many legends about happiness all over the world: seeing a white butterfly or a group of three butterflies is a promise of good luck all year long. And a pink butterfly is said to predict happiness for life! In many countries, a butterfly on a New Year's card is meant to bring jot for the upcoming year. In China and Vietnam, the butterfly symbolizes beauty and long life.

Finally, according to a Hawaiian legend, "when you want your dream to come true, whisper it to a butterfly". This explains the tradition of "releasing butterflies" during wedding ceremonies, a moment of grace that now exists in other countries to celebrate the beginning of a new and happy life. This is a sensation of wonder for the guests, who make their wishes by freeing them, these messengers of joy, to fly off into eternity.

A fragrance of light and magic
A fruity floral scent as radiant as a smile
Miss Aura by Swarovski is a good luck fragrance that unfolds an aura of luck around who wears it. The mystery is this special power is hidden in it's olfactory symphony of joyful, floral fruity notes.
It's enigma is made of three secret accords that trigger a magical effect:
- A burst of joy resounds in fruity notes within a savvy blend of pink grapefruit, lychee and ivy. This luminous fusion recalls the exuberance, freshness and grace of a crystal-clear laugh. It's a flight of soft colors, like the dance of butterflies that decorates the Miss Aura bottle.

- Exquisite femininity reveals itself in the blossoming of a floral bouquet. Sensual absolute rose teases buddleia, nicknamed the "butterfly tree" as it's almond scent attracts butterflies. Sweet pea, with honey accents, completes the metamorphosis of the young woman by granting her marvelous dreams of femininity.

- Finally, a delicious harmony reigns over the accords thanks to Vetiver wood and patchouli, intense and colorful, they give strength and structure to the luminous accords of this good luck fragrance.

Every day, the charm of Miss Aura works it's magic. The young woman smiles at luck, which smiles right back at her.

A creation by Véronique Nyberg and Aliénor Massenet for IFF.

The showcase of happiness
The Miss Aura bottle is as delicate and magical as it's fragrance.
It's design was inspired by the idea of transformation and by the legend of the butterflies as messengers of the gods: on the box and on the bottle, a graphic stream of butterflies breaks free to take flight.

As if attracted by the crystal that adorns the Miss Aura cap, a joyful could of pink and silvery butterflies swirls around this dazzling prism. The peach shade of the eau de toilette suggests the mouth-watering freshness of this delicious fragrance.

The box, a showcase of delicateness and poetry, features the butterfly myriad motif in an extremely feminine, pastel graduation.

A visual that features a young woman with an enchanting and marvelous aura
Miss Aura wanders through the poetic atmosphere of a setting made exclusively of paper, representing the interior of a beautiful Parisian apartment invaded by huge white flowers.
This dram-like twist between interior and exterior, realism and theatrical scenery, gives for to a delicate, feminine world.

The graceful and mischievous young woman plays with the paper butterflies that flutter away from her giant fragrance bottle. Like best friends, she entrusts them with her dreams and then delicately blows on them to set them free. Messengers of the sky, the butterflies carry her wishes into the radiant, azure blue of a Spring morning.

The visual captures a fleeting moment of grace, like the delicious trail of the Miss Aura by Swarovski fragrance.

On her wrist, the young woman wears a Swarovski bracelet in shimmering colors, like exotic butterfly wings, a limited edition for Spring/Summer 2013.

To create this visual, Swarovski teamed up with English designer Shona Heath, a specialist in paper decorations, who works regularly with photographer Tim Walker. In by the dream-like world of the fragrance, Shona offered her interpretation of the scene: "On the Miss Aura visual, leaves, flowers and swirls are made from paper cut out by hand. They are then scored to give them their final shape... It's as if they started to grow and come to life... which is voluntary, as if the fragrance and butterflies had awakened this imaginary place."


Top Notes

Pink Grapefruit

Heart Notes
Absolute Rose
Sweet Pea

Bottom Notes
Vetiver Wood

The Fragrance:
Miss Aura is a lucky charm fragrance unfolding an aura of good fortune around the woman wearing it. This mysterious power comes from its magical formula, gathered by a marvellous swarm of butterflies who keep its composition secret….

It's Composition:

Burst of joy

The sparkle and sunshine bursting from the fragrance come from a skilful blend of fruits: pink grapefruit and litchi and also ivy. This luminous combination evokes the joy, freshness and grace of a crystalline laugh. A flight of sweet colours, like the farandole of butterflies decorating Miss Aura’s pack.

Exquisite femininity

The metamorphosis begins with a blossoming bouquet of flowers: sensual absolute of rose teases the buddleia, nicknamed “butterfly tree”, due to their attraction to its almond smell. While the balmy and honey-dewed breeze of sweet pea makes your most beautiful dreams of femininity come true.

Delicious harmony

Finally, vetiver and patchouli resonate in the shade of this fragrance of light. Intense and colourful, they give strength and structure to the lucky charm. Miss Aura’s exquisite charm transforms she who wears it into a lady even luck cannot resist. 

Perfumers: IFF: Véronique Nyberg and Aliénor Massenet

Check out Miss Aura by SWAROVSKI at:

FTC: Product provided by SWAROVSKI.


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