Thursday, May 15, 2014

Disney Releases The Maleficent Collection

Disney has just released The Maleficent Collection.
I've been looking forward to the film now and excited to check it out in Theaters May 30th.
Now with the collection of products everything looks so bold and wicked!
I can't wait to pick up a few of the items.
My favorites are pictured above and are just a few of the many goodies to collect!

US Pricing:
- Maleficent Disney Film Collection Doll - 12'' $34.95
- Aurora Disney Film Collection Doll - Maleficent - 12'' $34.95
- Maleficent Lithograph Set - Limited Edition $29.95
- Maleficent Journal $16.95
- Maleficent Movie Tee for Women $19.95
- Maleficent and Dragon Mug $12.95
- Maleficent and Aurora Mug $12.95
- Maleficent Draped Tank Tunic for Women $39.95
- Maleficent Gray Studded Tank for Women $29.95
- Maleficent and Aurora Tee for Women $29.95
- Dragon Tee for Boys by Stella McCartney - Maleficent $74.95



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