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Beauty Pop (New Anti-aging Creams What all do They do?) - Nerium - Optimera Day and Night Creams

Hi Beauties.
Today's product is a Day and Night Cream by Nerium called Optimera.

First here is a little introduction to the brand below:
OptimeraTM is a unique complex blend of patented bio–botanical extracts combined and developed to help reduce the signs of aging. Enhanced with sophisticated skin nutrients and rich in Vitamins A, B, C, and D, plant triterpenoids, flavonoids and amino acids, this science-based skincare works on multiple signs of aging. The patent-pending SAL-14™ extract brings together a combination of unique and exclusive plant botanicals utilizing the science of bio-actives for skincare. The beginning stage is with the selection process of the plants themselves, where natural greenhouses are established to control the separation and selection of the plant seeds used in the development of the ingredients. This important step in the process guarantees the standardization of controlled conditions to set forth the growing of the plants. The plants are grown in a supervised garden setting within chemical-free farms; this environment dramatically reduces residue from pesticides, unnecessary chemicals, and the use of synthetic fertilizers. These delicately grown plants are carefully protected to assure they provide enriched purity. Next, these botanicals are put together to complement the synergy within the function of the plant. A patented process is utilized to ensure that only the highest-quality portions of the plants are extracted. To assure a clean and pure extraction is available, no chemical solvents are used in the process, eliminating the need for high operating temperatures and the possibility of degrading the ingredients. Teaming with research laboratories and leading universities, Nerium International was able to put together an advanced and exclusive complex blend of botanicals from various parts of the world. The mission was to assemble and ensure only the finest ingredients would be in the finished product, while at the same time adhering to the most sustainable method of production. One of the major steps in the process was in the production of the oils. To support community growth, the SAL-14 
extract contains oils produced on farms that benefit local families. Manufacturing of the finished product is carried out in one of the most advanced facilities in the country. Adhering to strict regulatory requirements, the facility takes extra precautions by utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment 
and testing labs. In addition, inspections and strict quality controls are implemented to ensure the product is carefully checked for safety at every stage of the process. 

I think the brand's image and idea are great, I've hear a lot of good things about them and like their clean simple appeal.
This release of their Optimera line is making it's first appearance in exclusively in Canada, and is the only product line on the market to include the exclusive new SAL-14 extract.
It does a good job of improving dryness in skin within first application, and it's said in Clinical Trials that four weeks of use, improvements were noted in the appearance of skin radiance/ 
luminosity, texture/smoothness, elasticity, and firmness. That is a lot of benefits in these bottles!
In these Trials it's also said to make significant improvement in reduction in the appearance of crow’s 
feet, fine lines, and wrinkles after four weeks of use. 
Nice texture to the cream too.

Here is information on application of Optimera Creams:
Both the Optimera Day Cream and Night Cream are built around exclusive bio-active plants in a concentrated complex. This exclusive SAL-14 concentrate is power-packed with age-defying ingredients designed to add revitalizing properties to the skin.    
Optimera Night Cream:  
Use each night. Start by cleansing the face thoroughly. Once cleansed, apply four to five pumps of Optimera Night Cream on a damp face. The product sets like a mask, so it is normal for it to feel somewhat tight. 
Optimera Day Cream: 
Use this fragrance-free day cream each morning. To begin, rinse the face; then apply four to five pumps to the face and neck area. For women: make-up can be applied immediately after. For men: apply after shaving or cleansing of the face. 
Optimera products were developed without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic colors, propylene glycol, mineral oils, or synthetic fragrances. They are also gluten free and cruelty free. These products are noncomedogenic and ideal for all skin types. 
All-natural ingredients and preservative compounds were chosen based on the synergy exhibited by multiple plant extracts, adding to the integrity and performance of the product.  

It is a great duo the Day and Night Creams, If it's anti-aging (fine lines & wrinkles) your needing it for then it's right on with achieving youthful and tighter skin, good for discoloration, uneven skin texture, or enlarged pores, it helps with everything.
The ingredient listing is great that is free of many of the harsh bad for you ingredients that you see in many skincare products. The combination of various botanicals incuding Bidens Pilosa which is organically harvested in Brazil just makes these creams unique and adds that touch of pureness.

Nerium Optimera is a collection that provides real results and will continue to go far in the skincare industry. 
The Canadian Pricing for the Night Cream is $125 and the Night Cream + Day Cream is a deal for $188.

You can check out Nerium on their link below:

FTC: Product Provided by Nerium


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