Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Health Minute: Looking for a Healthier Chip Snacking Option? The Daily Crave All Natural Veggie Sticks

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!
So.. I haven't been a fan of regular oily fattening chips from a long time, If I choose chips for snacking or serving at a party, I always look for the newest and healthier options!
I found this brand called The Daily Crave and I loved their look instantly, looks like french fries and loved the sound of their brand thoughts, so I picked up a bag of their The Daily Crave All Natural Veggie Sticks, keep in mind they also have chips!
Don't have to worry about it lacking flavor or fun because of the healthy sound, they are perfect!
Just check out their ingredients, it's like 7 things and everything you can pronounce and no funny business.
What caught my attention with the brand also was their packaging, very fun, bold and unique!
It's got a nice crunch but is still airy and light, the Safflower Oil does make them a little oily on your fingers but it's not icky, they taste very fresh and nice, perfect for dipping with your favorite dressing/dip!
Be sure to check them out on your next grocery shopping, my new favorite snack!

Give in to your Cravings
Everyone loves to snack! Snacking can help keep you satisfied between meals. When choosing a snack, try to pick ones with all natural ingredients & snack away!
100% All Natural
100% Vegan
No Artificial Ingredients
No Dairy
No Artificial flavors
No Artificial coloring
No Hydrogenated Fats
Perfect for Dipping

Check out The Daily Crave on their Links below:


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