Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Health Minute: popchips hint of olive oil veggie chips

Hi Lovelies.
These are one of my favorite brands to stock in my pantry! popchips make so many different flavors now and I'm so in love with this newest one hint of olive oil veggie chips!
popchips are not baked & not fried, they just add a little heat & pressure and POP thats what makes it!
They are also: Certified Gluten-free, Vegan.
This is easily their BEST flavor, love the fresh veggies/pizza taste. It's heaven! The veggies they are are so so good, I can't get enough. Best Chips EVER!

all the flavour.
where's the fat?
delicately delightful olive oil plus sea salt.

never fried. never baked.
our veggie chips are not your garden-variety snack. we start with a blend of veggie, including kale, beet, tomato and pumpkin, add a little heat and pressure, and pop!
it's a chip. then we season it to perfection for a snack so delicious, you won't even notice it's hot half the fat of fried chips.

real ingredients
no added preservatives
no artificial flavours or synthetic colours
no cholesterol
no saturated fat
no trans fat
gluten free

hint of olive oil 
a hint of olive oil? are we losing our minds? yeah we’re losing it —because olive oil on a veggie chip with salt is insanely awesome. it’s like dipping bread in an italian restaurant—savory and satisfying—but with more crunch. and it’s a double-dipping healthy snack with veggies and the good-for-you oil. so go ahead and dip into a bag today.

Check out the brand at:


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