Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I Love It Perfume: Baiser Volé Lys Rose by Cartier

Check out the NEW fragrance Baiser Volé Lys Rose by Cartier.
It's also Limited Edition.
Love the bottle design/color tone, its simple yet chic!
Captivating, Chic, and Feminine.

It describes itself as (from
For Baiser Volé Lys Rose, the crystallized petals of a blooming pink lily are combined with subtle touches of raspberry to enhance the powdery and delicate note of Baiser Volé. With this fragrance, Cartier explores a new facet of the lily, one that is perfectly sweet but also subtle and refined. 

Baiser Vole Lys Rose is captured in a vibrant pink bottle celebrating the delicate floral notes of this delicious fragrance. 

Pink Lily, Raspberry. 
Floral. Delicious. Feminine.

Be sure to check out this fragrance at your local Beauty Counter.
Be on the lookout soon for more "I Love It Perfume" posts on my favorite fragrances! :)



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