Thursday, August 13, 2015

Disney Store - Releases Information and Dates for Upcoming Designer Fairytale Collection

Hey Lovelies.
Check out these new and upcoming Disney Store releases.
Information and Dates for Upcoming Designer Fairytale Collection are below.

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Disney’s Designer Fairytale Collection celebrates our legendary heroes and villains in a series inspired by beloved Disney fairytales. Disney Store artists have captured the timeless struggle between good and evil in magnificent detail, conveying both the wonderful wickedness, and bold, heroic spirit of these unforgettable characters. Rich, evocative and dramatic, the Disney Designer Fairytale Collection will be a treasured keepsake for collectors and Disney fans for years tocome.

Global Limited Edition of 6000 for each set.

$129.95 US; $139.95 CAN

Snow White & The Old Witch – Available In-Store 9/29 & Online 9/30

The fairest of them all is as enchanting as can be in her exquisite floral ensemble. A dainty, romantic rose embellishes her midnight-blue bodice, while a graceful rose-colored cape with a high collar frames Snow White’s lovely face. A delicate floral pattern brings storybook charm to her flowing golden skirt. With an expression of wicked anticipation and pure evil, the Old Witch offers the poisoned red apple in her rich, wine-colored shawl and black-as-midnight sleeves.

Peter Pan and Captain Hook – Available In-Store 10/6 & Online 10/7

Thinking happy thoughts will be simple when you nostalgically relive the excitement of Never Land. A forest-inspired green tunic with printed leaf detail and ruggedly embellished sword makes Peter Pan’s distinguished, adventure-ready style take flight. Captain Hook’s sword and hook glare with wicked malice as if ready to strike! His dramatic coat is elegantly enhanced with intricate artwork on the collar and cuffs. Tinker Bell sprinkles this set with the perfect amount of pixie dust.

Rapunzel and Mother Gothel – Available  In-Stores 10/13 & Online 10/14

With her long, flowing locks gleaming with golden highlights, Rapunzel’s power shines more than ever. An intricate golden pattern adds a shimmering touch to the flowing skirt and bodice, while the dainty lace trim is the perfect complement to the lost princess’ feminine neckline. Clad in a sumptuous, midnight black cape with golden trim, Mother Gothel’s dramatically dark ensemble vividly captures her villainy. The golden flower motif, elegant skirt and sleeves are the finishing touches to her happily evil ensemble.

Ariel & Ursula – Available  In-Stores 10/20 & Online 10/21

As if touched by ocean waves, Ariel’s luxurious red hair floats to a new realm of beauty. Inspired by intricate seashells, her exquisite, embroidered bodice is as breathtaking as her shimmering tail, which has translucent fins that glisten with underwater light. Ursula’s jet-black corset is studded with malevolent black gems, while her ominously twisting two-toned tentacles truly bring the Sea Witch’s evil essence to light.

Elsa and Hans – Available  In-Stores 10/27 & Online 10/28

See her glow, see her glow. Crystalline snowflakes shimmer across a swirling, icy cape, while Queen Elsa’s delicate gown and ice-frosted bodice glisten wondrously. Since the cold doesn’t bother this powerful royal, her dainty shoes with an ice crystal pattern are the perfect finish to her gorgeous ensemble. Hans is dressed to impress with intricate gold embroidery on his collar, lapels, cuffs and epaulets. His gleaming, ominous-looking sword protects his evil essence.



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