Saturday, March 3, 2012

Artisana Organic Foods - Product Review Round #1! "Organic Raw Coconut Butter" & "Organic Raw Cashew Butter"

Hey Everyone!
How are you? :)
My review today will be about a couple of products from a brand titled "Artisana".
Here is a little about the brand.. "Artisana™ - The Art of Healthy Foods.
Creating uniquely delicious, healthy, gourmet food is a work of passion for us.
Using the most careful attention to detail, quality and handmade with care, our organic raw foods are crafted using a temperature controlled process that preserves the life-essential fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
Certified Organic (QAI)
Certified Kosher (KSA)
Made in a facility that processes tree nuts, but does not process any peanut, gluten, dairy or soy products."
Sound's like a great hearted company right!?
Well here is my thoughts on two of their products.. "Organic Raw Coconut Butter" & "Organic Raw Cashew Butter".

First up.. "Organic Raw Coconut Butter".. I'm a big fan and believer of the health benefits of Coconut.. so I LOVED the sound of a COCONUT BUTTER!
This is freshly made from whole coconut flesh (not just the oil) and puree'd into a very fresh and yummy fiberous, densely nutritious spread. A very flavorful and fresh coconut aroma butter that melts in your mouth, while giving you the whole coconut nutrition: oil, dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.
I love the heart of this brand, so very pure simple ingredients, NO additives, unadulterated coconut.
Check out the Ingredients: Organic Raw Coconut
Made in a facility that processes tree nuts, but does not process any peanuts, gluten, dairy or soy.
I have been loving this with a morning muffin and even in smoothies it's fabulous!

2nd.. "Organic Raw Cashew Butter"..
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cashew Butter.. Every morning I eat a spoonful because of it's great health benefits. So I never tried a "raw" cashew butter before.. Very rich and naturally sweet this creamy butter is great to add some nutrition to smoothies, sauces, desserts, and more.
Cashew's are great for iron (which I love it for!) also to get some essential vitamins and minerals to your daily diet.
Check out the Ingredients: Organic Raw Cashews
Made in a facility that processes tree nuts, but does not process any peanuts, gluten, dairy or soy.

I'm looking forward to checking out more products from Artisana soon!
Really like their simple and stylish product wrapping/logo.
So keep your eyes out for more reviews of products from them soon. :)

Be sure to check out Artisana Organic Foods at your local grocery store or at their links below:!/ArtisanaFoods

FTC Disclaimer:
Products provided by Artisana for a possible review.
All opinions are my own.



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