Monday, March 19, 2012

What's On My Playlist... March 2012

Hey Dolls!
Thought i would post a "What's On My Playlist" post today,
I have been loving lots of new songs lately & wanted to share with you some of my top favorites!

1. Koda Kumi - Driving Hit's 4 (LOVING IT!)
2. Ayumi Hamasaki - Love Songs (Her 2010 release album is my favorite from her.)
3. Ayumi Hamasaki - Party Queen (HER NEW ALBUM ROCKS!)
4. BigBang - Fantastic Baby (Check out their new album.. I'm addicted!)
5. KARA - Speed Up! (Really Catchy..:)
6. Hyuna - Change
7. 2NE1 - Scream (Off their new upcoming japanese release album.)

And a bonus favorite for this month.. is the new.. KANA NISHINO - SAKURA, I love you (IM ADDICTED TO THIS SWEET SOFT SONG! BEAUTIFUL!!)


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