Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Koda Kumi Releases New Remix Album "Driving Hit's 4" Today (Review)

Hey Everyone!
It's already March 14th in Japan time which makes it the OFFICIAL RELEASE DAY of...
Koda Kumi's brand new remix album "Driving Hit's 4".
LOVE ADORE & OBSESSED WITH the pretty-ness and extra sparkly album cover.. and the inside (the album) lives up to it's cover, VERY FUN SPARKLY &GLAMOUROUS.
I thought her last remix album the "Driving Hit's 3" was my favorite.. but this one is so amazing too!
It has so many of my top favorite hits from her!
It's simply gorgeous delicious and divine!
It contains 18 remixed-songs.
My top favorite songs are.. "Hot Stuff feat. KM-MARKIT", "Teaser feat. Clench&Blistah", "め組のひと", "Juicy",  "好きで、好きで、好きで", "愛証" & both "Love Me Back" ones are crazy!!.
I love everything about this album.
Also the First Press Editions come with lovely &cute stickers and a B2-size poster! = AMAZING!!
BTW.. I'm playing the album while typing this blog. ;)

Check it out at your local music store or purchase it online iTunes here:

Source & Photo: http://rhythmzone.net/koda/index.html


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