Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AFTER SCHOOL Releases New Japanese Release Album Today Titled "PLAYGIRLZ" (Review)

Hey Everyone!
It's already March 14th in Japan time which makes it the OFFICIAL RELEASE DAY of...
Korean Girl Group.. AFTERSCHOOL's brand new Japanese release album titled "PLAYGIRLZ".
ADORE this album from the girls, and the album is full of hits.. plus their outfits are super cute in their album cover!
It contains 11 songs.. and if you get the right version their is a 12th song titled "Shanghai Romance"
From the 12 songs their are 7 in Korean & 5 in Japanese.
My top favorite songs are..
* Rip Off
* Just in time
* Because of you
* Bang! (Loved it in Korean and love it in JAPANESE TOO!!, VERY.. CATCHY SONG!!)
* Gimme Love
* Miss Futuristic
* Tell me

This is one of my top favorite albums at the moment, a very fun album to play for a girls night!

Also the First Press Editions come with a lovely cardboard slipcase, trading card(s), a trading card randomly selected from nine kinds. Be sure to check out this album and if you like get the DVD bonus edition!! :)

Check it out at your local music store or purchase it online iTunes here:

Source & Photo: iTunes


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