Friday, December 17, 2010

Hi! From my iPhone! Huge message!

Hi guys!
Thought I would do another update now that I'm in the mood for blogging. Ha.
Today is a busy day!
Breakfast, photoshoot, then holiday shopping! Ikea is one of the stops! Love that store!
Random but what's your guys' favorite song at the moment?
Mine is for sure the new GD&TOP song "high high" I find that it puts me is such a good mood, I want to dance & start singing!
GD&TOP are amazing!
Have you seen the video?!!
It's incredible! So Hot!!! :D

Totally off topic but I just got a email from eos products and they just got in brand new hand creams!!! Ahhh! I have been SO waiting for this day!
I absolutely adore eos prodoucts they are amazingly lovely!
I'm going to put in a big order for their new hand creams & get some more body creams & lip products!
I have been addicted to their 3pack holiday bundle they all taste amazing!
Look out in the next couple of days for a full review on the eos holiday bundle 3pack!

And OMG i cannot wait for the next desperate housewives!
So addicted to that show! It just keeps getting better and better!
I'm worried though about Susan! I hope she is alright!
She's like the best housewife!
Well I have to wait to find out!
Wow it's getting to be a long post!
So I'll type again later or tomorrow!
Until next time!


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