Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OVATION - 100% Natural Dark Chocolate Mint Sticks

So the  other day i was at the store and this product caught my eyes,
Its called:
OVATION - 100% Natural Dark Chocolate Covered Sticks (Mint)
I love chocolate "Mint" and was excited to try these,  I instantly fell in love with them after i tried just one!
They are super cute and perfect for a little holiday snack, while shopping or at home.
The come each individually wrapped and are super tasty. They have a light mint taste, perfect for everyone. Even non mint fans will enjoy this, because they are NOT a overly strong Mint flavor. & The dark chocolate taste is also very light.
Light & Tasty the Mint Sticks are perfect for with a cup of hot chocolate or some cookies.
They are a favorite of mine & i will be stocking up on this product before the holidays are over.
Grab a box while you can too!

(My Pictures)
Here is some pictures of the yummy Mint Sticks below:

*Outside Front*
*Outside Back*

Find them: At your local grocery store, they are mostly everywhere. I got mine from Superstore.

Cost: around $3.00 - $4.00 for a package of yummy Mint Sticks.

I Give this product:
10 Out of 10

The Reason for the score:
I love this product!.

FTC Disclaimer:
I purchased all products listed in this post with my my own money, 
All opinions are my own.


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